Friday, May 27, 2011

Finally Friday with a Long Weekend Ahead!

I was happy to see that my weight went down again this morning!! I hope it continues.

For breakfast, I had oatmeal and finished up the blueberries. I also had a glass of milk for 7 points total.

52711 001

Before signing in to work, I made an iced Latte. I tried to add cinnamon, but I really need a cinnamon shaker because I over did it accidently! And then it didn’t mix in very well- so I’ll need to work on this one! But it was still good and it gave it an extra kick. 1 point.

52711 002

For my first break I ate a banana for 0 points.

52711 003

I also brought back a cup of grapes to my desk to snack on for 0 points.

52711 004

For lunch, I had breaded shrimp with a side salad topped with light Italian for 7 points.

52711 006

SO GOOD! This was another one of those meals from cleaning out the freezer. Smile

For dessert, I had a strawberry lemonade cupcake for 4 points.

52711 008

On my last break, I had a Trader Joe’s Apple Strawberry fruit wrap for 1 point. Thanks Angie!

52711 009

I have 13 points left for the day. Hubby and I plan on going to Panera for supper- YUM! I might just have a bowl of soup and a bagel, only 1/2 if I’m not hungry- but it just sounds so good on this cold day. It would cost me a few weekly points- but I just might do it because I haven’t had a real bagel in FOREVER! Otherwise, I will order a You Pick Two salad with soup. We’ll see how I feel when I get there- but I’ve calculated the points for both.

We have to get groceries and Hubby said I could do a little shopping. I don’t know about you other married women out there, but I have the opportunity to shop whenever I want- but I feel a lot less guilty when hubby tells me that he doesn’t care. lol Whoohoo! Winking smile

I hope you have a great holiday weekend to those of you in the U.S. and a great weekend to everyone else too!! Any big plans?

Hubby and I plan on getting another long bike ride in! Can’t wait!


  1. Sounds like a yummy dinner! Have a great weekend and a great bike ride!

  2. Whoo hoo to rocking hubbys and shopping. Have a good weekend and enjoy your bike ride. Today I'm spending the day with my friend (look out antique shops!) and the evening with my family.

  3. After not eating banana's for ages, I ate two this weekend...yummy love the taste...I have missed it...



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