Saturday, May 21, 2011

The First Long Bike Ride of the Year: Lots of Pictures!

Today hubby and I decided to brave it and head out for a bike ride There was rain in the forecast—but hubby looked at the weather radar and thought we would be ok. I’m glad that we went because it turned out to be a beautiful day! We ended up going 24.12 miles- which is the farthest we have ever gone! It took 3 hours—we stopped here and there to take pictures and for water breaks though. I burned 1143 calories. It was a great workout and my legs sure are tired! We had so much fun and can’t wait to do it again! Here are some pictures from our ride

52111 007

52111 008

52111 009

52111 010

52111 011

There were TONS of turtles along the river- I’ve never seen anything like it!

52111 012

52111 015

52111 032

52111 033

52111 016

We stopped here to rest for a little while—so pretty!

52111 018

We even got to try the coconut water. I have to say it did a great job of making me feel hydrated—but I wasn’t crazy about the taste.

52111 019

52111 020

52111 023

After going about 10 miles—we thought about that episode of BL where they biked the marathon, so we thought we would do the same thing. Unfortunately…

52111 024

We got about 12 miles out though. I think this is still from damage from the severe floods in 2008? Not really sure.

52111 025

It was absolutely gorgeous outside. So peaceful and quiet…aside from my incessant chatter… Winking smile

52111 026

52111 027

52111 028

52111 029

52111 031

This was sweet:

52111 034

We saw two of these along the trail—EWWW!!!

52111 035

We saw a lot of wildlife. Two deer on the trail. A groundhog. Cats, dogs, lots of birds, snakes, turtles, goats (at a farm lol), and lots of bugs!

This was just the weirdest thing!

52111 036

52111 037

Bloom where you’re planted, eh?

52111 040

Here we are all sweaty but DONE!

52111 041

52111 045

I have a very nice tan line where this thing was—very attractive! lol

52111 047

I loved every minute of this! Can’t wait to do it again!


  1. Im jealous of the views. I love turtles, that's so cool.
    we don't have anything so pretty nearby where we are. Darn suburbs!!
    thanks for all the pics, feels like we went along. Rest up!

  2. That looks awesome! I can't wait to start hitting the trails on my bike, you've inspired me to get moving on that!

  3. I envy your day on so many levels. The quiet, the remote location, the exercise, the time with your spouse.... what a wonderful thought to know that a day like that is even possible.

    Starting At 500 Pounds

  4. I just found your blog, and it's so inspiring! It's so nice to find a blog about sports and health from someone who isn't tiny enough to fit in your pocket and runs marathons as easy as I walk to the shop :S Keep going you're doing amazingly!
    And you photos make me miss my home in the countryside haha! They're lovely :)

  5. What a great day! Nice job on the that long bike ride, and in such beautiful scenery!

  6. Such a beautiful place where you it, reminds me of this side of the world...something I never saw when growing up in Cape Town....
    I see you also have a white Polar HR monitor....
    and...we both took a photo of the same * weed *
    Great minds think alike :)

  7. Wow those turtles are adorable! so so so cute. I haven't gone on an outside bike ride in such a long time. You've inspired me to hop on my bike and get out there.

    ps. new blog follower here.

  8. What a beautiful day! Loved the pictures! I wish my hubby would go out on adventures with me...but my pup is always ready :)

  9. Great photos. And pretty day.Can you tell me about your watch? Is it a heart rate monitor and do you like it? I need something besides a pedometer.Thanks

  10. I wish I had somewhere so pretty to ride. There's nothing like having some place gorgeous to ride. I loved all of your photos.

  11. Great job! And lovely photos! We are crazy green like that around here, too!



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