Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Long Bike Ride

Hubby and I headed out to a local bike trail for bike ride on this beautiful Memorial Day. It was in the 80’s and windy—but it felt great to have the breeze because this was a pretty tough ride! There were a lot more hills this time and it was a great workout! Kind of fun going down the big hills too- at one point I was going over 21 mph! Total workout time was 3 hours and 37 minutes. I burned 1415 calories. We have to stop now and then to rest—and of course so I can take pictures to share with all of you. SmileWe had a great time!

Since we had to travel a little ways to get to the trail, I had to use one of these—I HATE these. But they’re a little bit of a lifesaver. Winking smile

53011 001

What can I say, I live in Iowa…

53011 002

We discovered new things about the area we live—there are some lakes we never knew existed!

53011 003

53011 004

53011 007

Just a couple of miles into our ride:

53011 005

There was a lot of art like this:

53011 006


53011 009

Tired out me with a helmet mark on my head, lol:

53011 012

Taking a rest:

53011 014

The trail:

53011 013

53011 023

At one point there was a big bridge crossing the river- it was very pretty!

53011 017

This was an area that was hit very badly during the floods of 2008. I believe this bridge was  closed because the water was over top of it, can you imagine!?

53011 018

The bike bridge was easy to go down but it was pretty tough when we came back!

53011 019

There were lots of signs like this along the route:

53011 024

We had planned on making a loop but once we got to one park it was closed because of flooding. Sad smile That was pretty disappointing at 16 miles into the ride and having to turn back around!

I have a liking for bridges and bodies of water- so that’s why I’m always taking picture of them. They’re picture worthy to me, I guess. lol

53011 020

Pretty flowers:

53011 021

53011 032

Part of the trail went into a Prairie Preserve—there were lots of hiking trails that we want to try out sometime!

53011 022

Me biking. Like I said in my post about being a slow runner, I often feel a little embarrassed amongst the super athletic people on these trails—but I wanted to show you wonderful readers that if I can do this- so can you!! Let’s not let our size keep us back from being active and having fun!

53011 028

53011 027

I’ve also always been too embarrassed to wear tank tops in public—but I do on these rides because they’re so much cooler! No more worrying about what other people might think—besides, who is really looking at my arms? lol

53011 029

53011 031

And the traditional “finished” picture:

53011 035

I have to say that this ride wore me out a lot more than the last one. I don’t think I was hydrated enough before starting—but we did pack a lot to drink and we went through it all! But I felt a lot better after we ate lunch.

The stats:

53011 033

53011 034

We got lots of sun and the tan line from my HR monitor is getting whiter and whiter—lol. Oh well! I’d rather know how many calories I’ve burned!

I hope that you’re all having a wonderful long weekend—to those of you in the US! Smile

I also want to express my gratitude for those who gave their lives for the freedom of our country and to those who have ever served. Thank you.


  1. Great Post, Great Pics, Great Calorie Burn!!!!!

  2. What a great ride - and that trail looks fabulous! Wish I could come ride it with you!

    Biking is such great exercise and so much easier on the body than running, most times.

  3. What a fun bike ride :)I would love to have a bike!!

  4. WOW! What a great way to get exercise in on such a beautiful day. Love all the pics. Happy Memorial Day!

  5. I enjoyed you post a lot Alissa. I just wrote a bit about not caring anymore what other people might think, to do it just anyways. So good for both of us I guess. Haha. Keep up the good work! :)

  6. What a great workout :-) I have to ask...where did you get your heart rate monitor? I've been looking for one & yours seems to include all the information I was hoping to see after a workout.

  7. What beautiful cycling trails you green, I love it...and well done on the great calorie burn!!!

  8. My husband bikes. As soon as I get a bike I want us to go out together. Looks a lot funner then the elliptical!

  9. What lovely photos! Thank you for sharing Alissa!!! Have a great day.

  10. The water was over that bridge?! Holy smokes!!!


  11. Wow over 1000 calories is awesome!! Great workout!

    Also, I have given you an award that you can check out on my blog :)

  12. oh wow, it's so green and beautiful!!! Looks like a lovely day with they hubby :)



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