Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saying Goodbye

Getting rid of the clothes that are too large for me is something that makes me very nervous. What if I gain my weight back? It’s so hard to find cute plus sized clothing. But after giving it a lot of thought, I decided to get rid of the clothes. There’s no going back. I am not going to hold on to those clothes as a crutch to fall back on. So today we had a garage sale and I put them all out there. I couldn’t believe how many clothes I had in my closet! I sold some things, but not nearly as many things as I wanted to. But I plan on getting rid of the clothes in the next few weeks. We could use the extra cash, so I’m thinking of taking them to a consignment store or selling them on eBay in lots by size or something. But I’ve made a big step! Here are some pictures of all of my clothes for sale!

5711 002

5711 003

5711 004

Oh, and I decided to get rid of a bunch of my purses too! Some of them sold- but not many.

5711 001

As ladies came in and purchased some of my favorite pieces of clothing, it was bittersweet. I still love many of the clothes that I was selling, but they’re just too big for me. This is just another step on my journey. By next year, I’ll probably have to sell the rest of the clothes in my closet! Winking smile


  1. I am always looking for plus size clothes, so if you sell them, let me know where so I can take a look! :)

    I did the closet clean out recently too, I had to. Holding on to sizes I know I never want to go back to is silly. I usually only keep my most recent last size around in case I hit a slow point or a rough patch...

  2. It's so cathartic to get rid of those old clothes! You should be proud of all you've accomplished, Alissa! Congrats!

  3. congratulations! I can't wait to get rid of all my clothes!

  4. It was very hard for me to give up my "big" clothes. I felt like the second I gave them away, I would gain the weight back. But I realized that I needed to let go in order to keep moving forward. Great job on saying goodbye!

  5. I've given away bags and bags of my plus size stuff from size 30/32 down to 22/24. Since I tend to buy classic styles rather than trendy, they're wearable. Some still had tags. :-/

    I bought a bunch of XXL Ziploc bags (they're huge, not sandwich bags) and I have been putting the 22/24 that I used most recently (last few years) in there. Soon, the 18/20s, too, as I'm now fitting 14/16.

    I hate to get rid of the more expensive items (like my tailored Tamotsu and some dressy dresses that were a couple hundred) and my silk stuff, but hey, they don't fit. :D

    I am buying cheapo clothes and shoes while I transition (my old shoes don't fit as I've gone down a whole size and half a width). I don't wanna waste money on good stuff when I still have 40+ pounds to go.

    Hope you make some nice consignment moolah...

  6. Awww.... I wish I was there. I LOVE purses.

  7. I can so relate to getting rid of the bigger clothes, but once they're gone, it feels good, doesn't it??? Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  8. Good for you for getting rid of your bigger clothes! It's a security blanket that is so hard to get rid of! Now you have more room for NEW CLOTHES :)

  9. By this time next year, you will wonder
    what were you thinking this time last year!
    Good job!

  10. That's a lot of clothes! I went thru the same thing, debating whether to give the big clothes away or keep them just in case. But keeping them doesnt really give me much credit, ya know? I think its good to get rid of them. Now I go to Goodwill often whenever clothes get too big, and it makes me happy!

  11. oh Yay! I can imagine that is bittersweet. I just did some spring cleaning and getting rid of some of the jeans that don't fit me already :)

  12. That is such a big step!!! It's one of the first things I do when I counsel one-on-one at someone's house or when I help people. Get rid of anything you don't like and is too big. They are a crutch and it's a huge step to release them. I kept three pieces of clothing as a reminder of where I came from and got rid of the rest.

  13. What a great step in your journey. Congratulations. I sell a lot on eBay and selling them in lots is the way to go.

  14. Yeah!!! No going back!!! I so so agree with Anne

  15. This is such a great idea. It's like a therapeutic yard sale. I was thinking it was about high time I do this in my own closet as well. So many items that I don't ever want to wear again.

  16. I'm so proud of you!!! That's awesome!!

    Also Im dying for some clothes for my transition! Started WW 4 weeks ago- lost 11 pounds and am dying for clothes that fit without breaking my budget!!!

    PLEASE let me know if you sell them- I totally want dibs!!

    -Kara @

  17. Way to go on getting over the mental aspect of keeping your clothes! I'm quite the opposite I get rid of anything at the first chance I can. It all goes into a pile and I have many a pile in corners of my house, ha. I have been thinking of having a garage sale but ebay may be the way to go.

  18. I love, love, LOVE this post! It's so important to rid ourselves of the extra weight of clothes that don't fit. It also helps keep us focused and doesn't give us the "easy way out." After all, if we don't have the next size up still hanging around in our closet, we're going to bust our bums to make sure we stay in our smaller jeans!!!!

    Good work!!!!



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