Monday, May 16, 2011

So Proud of Myself Today!

This morning my weight was up a considerable amount after not eating very well all weekend. But I thought about all of your helpful comments on my last post, and decided that today is day one. Forget about the 80 lbs. I’ve lost and the 64 lbs. I have left to lose. This is day one. I’m taking it one day at a time. I am going back to the basics and learning to eat like I’m “on a diet” again for a while so I can gain back control.

For breakfast, I ate a cup of oatmeal with a sliced banana and a glass of milk for 7 points.

51611 003

Before signing in to work- I brewed some coffee and added a little bit of sugar free vanilla creamer with a packet of Truvia for 1 point.

51611 004

For my first break, I snacked on 1 cup of grapes and a light string cheese stick for 1 point.

51611 005

For lunch, I had leftover grilled chicken, cottage cheese, carrots and grape tomatoes for 5 points.

51611 006

I also had a glass of iced tea and I added a Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade- very good! 0 points.

51611 007

And I so badly wanted a spoonful of Nutella or ice cream or chocolate, but I denied myself and had 2 clementines instead.

51611 008

And I felt much better about this choice. I haven’t written much about my emotional and mental struggles- so I am going to try to do that a little more. I think it will be beneficial for me to try to figure things out. When I get these cravings for chocolate it’s like I’m not mentally present. It’s like I can’t think of anything but the chocolate. I can let my craving control me or I can take control like I did in this moment. I truly buy in to the “food addiction” philosophy in that food can be just as addictive as drugs.

After work, I got ready to go for a run right away- but hubby called before I left and said he’d like to go with me! Yay! So I waited for him to get home. While waiting, I snacked on some cinnamon almonds for 4 points.

51611 009

I was still hungry, so I ate an apple for 0 points. I wanted to be energized for this run!

51611 010

When hubby got home, we headed out for a run right away. We walked .8 (to and from the trail) and ran 2 miles straight. Total time was 43:37. It felt great to get out there and run again. I want to be more dedicated to running this summer again. It will help me get to my goals and I MUST believe that I can do it.

Speaking of my mental struggles lately, I came inside from that run and thought- I wish I could run faster, longer, farther. And then I felt discouraged. And I realized that’s another part of my problem. I used to be SO PROUD of my workouts. And so I’m going to pat myself on the back and say, “well done, Alissa.” I need to be proud of myself for getting in a workout today- and I burned 378 calories! Why do I do this to myself? Why am I so hard on myself? Why do I feel like my efforts are never enough? Do you deal with this? What do you do to turn it around?

For supper, I had a salmon burger, steamed broccoli and a baked sweet potato for 6 points.

51611 012

And for my sweet treat of the day, I had a strawberry short cake with Cool Whip Free for 3 points.

51611 013

Absolutely DIVINE! And so low in points!

I still have 6 points left for the day- which I am so excited about! That is a good amount for me to have left for a little healthy snacking. Hubby and I plan on catching up on the Biggest Loser- which should help inspire me some more! I am thinking I might have a serving of Chex cereal- just dry. I love snacking on cereal. I pretty much only buy the very low sugar kinds, like cheerios. So It’s a healthy snack!

I am SO proud of myself today! I feel so much better about my choices. I ate healthy. I exercised. I treated my body the way that it deserves to be treated by giving it quality fuel. I can do this! ONE day at a time!

Thank you all for your very, very kind and supportive comments on my last post. They meant so much to me. It’s so comforting to know that there are so many other people who have gone through the same struggles I am going through. This blogging community is SO supportive! I am going to be having a giveaway to thank you all- so stay tuned for that!! Smile


  1. Glad you are feeling more positive today. One day at a time, and sometimes just one meal at a time. :D

  2. Jinx, I thought the same thing as Lori. Sometimes it is just one small decision at a time instead of looking at the whole day. Good job, Alissa.

  3. Sounds like you had a successful day. I hope tomorrow is just as good :)

  4. way to go! very proud of your workout! and yes that desert did look heavenly!

  5. All your food looks great but I don't get how you are calculating your points. A salmon burger and a full sweet potato should easily be around 8+ pts sweet potato is high in points and the burger. I don't mean this to be rude or come off the wrong way your points always just seem off and that can hurt you in the long run when it comes to weigh in day

  6. Just LISTEN to you. You sound so up and in a good place. How great is that!? I wish I could eat salmon burgers. Mmmm.

  7. Hurray for a better attitude today! I just read your other post a little bit ago and I've been thinking a lot about it.
    Have you read "The Secret"? It's a little hokey, but there is a lot of truth behind it. I know you will get through this! Why? Because you ROCK! :)

  8. I think sometimes we need a big reboot. I'm glad your day was a positive one!

  9. Whoever anonymous is- someone who isn't willing to show their face when they make a rude comment....

    I weigh and measure EVERYTHING that I eat.

    My sweet potato was 120 grams- which is 3 points plus. How you can tell the size of the sweet potato I am eating by a picture is beyond me...but you were wrong.

    Second, the salmon burger is 3 points plus- they come in a box with the nutritional information and I calculated the points.

    I understand what you are saying- but like I said, I weigh and measure everything. Trying to call me out as anonymous is just rude and you're hiding behind it. If you had commented under your name, I'd have much more respect for you.

  10. Atta girl Alissa! I knew you'd get back on track quickly! You are an inspiration! Have a great day.

  11. It sounds like you had a great day! I think it does so much for you when you keep a positive attitude about all of this weight loss stuff. Great job!

  12. Congrats on such a great day! I totally get the chocolate craving you're talking about. When I have a craving like that, it's nearly impossible NOT to eat it. Have an awesome Day 2!! ;)

  13. Awesome day! Totally worthy of feeling proud - you rocked it!



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