Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Tuesday like a Monday and GNC $100 Gift Card Winner Announced

For breakfast this morning I had a piece of light toast with PB and a sliced banana along with a glass of milk for 5 points.

53111 001

I was really surprised that I wasn’t sore at all from yesterday’s 24.8 mile bike ride or the 3.8 ride we went on a little later. That’s a good sign!

After hubby left, I decided to get my workout out of the way right away because it was going to be a long day at work and I knew I wouldn’t feel like working out afterwards. I did level 1 of Jillian’s Shred-It with Weights workout. It was a good workout and I got in some strength moves. I burned 167 calories in 28:23. The workout is supposed to be done with a kettle bell—but you can use a single hand weight also, which is what I did.

53111 002

Before signing in to work, I made an Iced Latte for 1 point.

53111 003

On my first break, I ate a peach and a light cheese stick for 1 point.

53111 004

These peaches are SOOO good. They’re finally affordable in the stores too!

For lunch, I had a salad made with leftover BBQ beef. I added tomato, mushrooms, feta cheese and flax seeds for a total of 7 points.

53111 005

For a little sweet treat, I had 2 small pieces of dark chocolate for 2 points.

53111 006

For my last break, I whipped up a smoothie. It’s been too long since I made one of these. I forgot how delicious they are! This one was strawberry blueberry. 1 Point.

53111 007

I added a little Truvia to this and it was really strange because it got SUPER thick. So much so that I couldn’t finish it because it was just a weird consistency—almost like Jell-O. Anyone else experience this?

For supper, I had Schwan’s Boneless Skinless Teriyaki Chicken Wings with cottage cheese, green beans and a slice of homemade bread that I ended up topping with a little whipped cream cheese for 11 points total.

53111 008

Dessert was my current favorite—a banana sundae. 2 points.

53111 009

And then I headed outside to work in my flower beds. I planted some more flowers and I think they’re just about done! Once they’re blooming a little more I’ll take some pictures. I should have worn my HR monitor—I usually burn quite a few calories working in the flower beds!

I have 3 points left for the day, so today was an on target day. I’m concerned about tomorrow’s WI. All week, my weight has been down and then this morning it shot up—I’m hoping it was due to the intense bike ride yesterday and all of it was water weight that will be gone in the morning. But we’ll see!

And now for the winner of the $100 GNC gift card…



Congratulations to Vegan Chick Pea for winning this giveaway!!! Happy shopping! Smile


  1. I made some peach jam this weekend because they were on sale for 99 cents a pound and it is sooo good!

  2. Good luck tomorrow! I am sure the gain was from your bike ride!

  3. Everything looks wonderful! Sounds like you had another great day. I just love reading about your daily adventures. BTW, did you know that the nutritional value in flaxseeds can only be released into the body if you grind them? That is something I learned when I first started to eat them too. Yum!



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