Saturday, May 14, 2011

Using up the Rhubarb

For breakfast this morning, I had a bowl of oatmeal with a bunch of strawberries that were about to go bad, along with a glass of milk for 7 points.

51311 002

Before signing in to work, I made an iced latte for 2 points.

51311 003

For my first break, I had an apple with peanut butter for 3 points.

51311 004

Hubby has Friday’s off for a while. So he had lunch ready for me today. I had 2 extra lean grilled hot dogs on light bread with reduced fat peanut butter for 6 points.

51311 005

For dessert, I had banana soft serve- I also added a little hot fudge for 1 point.

51311 006

I got off of work a couple of hour early today for working late another day- so that was very nice!

We had a lot of rhubarb to try and use up, so I got to baking. I miss baking! I haven’t had a lot of extra time to bake- so today was the perfect time. I’m looking forward to baking and cooking more this summer.

First, I made a rhubarb cheesecake.

51311 008

And then I made rhubarb jam- which is actually more like Rhubarb syrup.

51311 010

After that I ate 1/2 cup of grapes for 0 points.

51311 007

And then I made some banana bread.

51311 009

I had to sample a piece of the cheesecake, of course! But I will not be eating much of this because it is 6 points for just a small piece! Good thing hubby likes it a lot better than I do! He appreciates it when I do some cooking and baking.

And then it was time to run a few errands. We got some groceries and did a little shopping. My brother arrived for his weekend visit!

We started out with sushi- it was absolutely phenomenal at this place! I ate 6 rolls- it was just so good! We went to a Japanese restaurant, so first we were served Miso soup. Second, we had this delicious little salad with a ginger type dressing on it. And the main course was fried rice, noodles, and veggies and I chose Hibachi Chicken. By that time, I wasn’t very hungry! I am estimating my points at 19 points. I am happy with how much I ate- I stopped when I was full, but this type of food is just pretty high in points! I brought home lot of leftovers! I thoroughly enjoyed it though and I’m still within my weekly points! Smile

We came home and my brother and I spent the evening singing. We used to like to sing when I lived at home. We’re kind of nerds. lol But it’s fun! We found karaoke on YouTube and we recorded ourselves and had a lot of fun. Maybe one of these days we’ll get a good recording and I’ll share it with you. Winking smile But mostly it was us giggling and being silly.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures last night!! But we’re looking forward to a good weekend! Have a great one!


  1. What a great day! Now you've got me thinking about rhubarb butter :)

  2. Hot Dogs and Peanut Butter?????......that's a new one, I will have to try

  3. How do you make your iced coffee?

  4. I've tried those apple corer things and can never get them to cut very well. What brand do you have? Thanks, Kim

  5. mmm rhubarb your big brother would be so jealous. I'm hoping I can get some at the farmers market next Saturday. Have a nice weekend!!

    <3 Betta

  6. Mmmmmmm...that rhubarb will go great on SO many things!!!

  7. I've actually never cooked with rhubarb before so I need to look into this. I've had strawberry rhubarb pie outside though and it was delicious :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh i want a apple slicer!! Bed ath and beyond here i come !!!



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