Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Delicious Day

It was nice to be able to sleep until 5 this morning and not have to get up to workout super early! I DO NOT miss going in to the office everyday!

For breakfast, I had a cup of cheerios with strawberries and milk for 4 points.

63011 001

And then it was time for LEVEL 3 of the 30 Day Shred! This level was a KILLER! I LOVED IT! I burned 207 calories. I can’t believe I’ve completed 21 days!! I feel good when I get some activity in everyday. I’m going to keep this up.

My weight was up .2 this morning from last week’s weight. Not fun when it’s my WW weigh in day. I’ve been snacking on a serving of pistachios at night and I’m wondering if that’s making me retain water—so no pistachios for a while. I just love them because they’re so satisfying. I eat them and don’t want anything else—which is a good feeling.

I was hungry after working out, so I ate a banana for 0 points.

63011 002

I sipped on an iced latte all morning for 1 point.

63011 003

On my first break, I ate a light cheese stick and a nectarine for 1 point.

63011 004

My Mom was nice enough to have lunch ready for me! Not only that, but she measured everything so I could figure my points!

63011 005

Feel free to come visit more often, Mom! Winking smile

She made me a salad with lettuce, carrots, green onions, feta, a boiled egg, chicken, and cashews along with cottage cheese and a nectarine for 7 points.

63011 006

I also had a square of dark chocolate for 2 points.

63011 007

I didn’t have the best day at work today and found out that my vacation time had been canceled in error (not on my part)—but thankfully my boss got it resolved. I was more than happy to sign out of work for this long weekend!!

Hubby got home in good time, so he took me to my WW meeting. My Mom came along with me and they said it was fine if she visited. There were others tagging along with members also, probably because of the holiday. I felt a lot more comfortable this time around and loved the meeting. I actually lost .2 lbs. weighing in at the meeting too! I thought for sure I would gain. So since joining the meetings, I’ve lost 3 lbs. I got a 5k charm today too!! They asked if anyone had done a 5k this summer so I raised my hand! FUN! I can’t wait to get another one next week—although I’m not sure if we’re just supposed to let them know or how that works.

63011 022

I got a free sample of BBQ “Pop Chips”, the WW brand and I was STARVING after the meeting so I ate it. 2 points.

63011 008

And the meeting didn’t have air conditioning, so I texted hubby to bring me a cold drink when he picked me up. He brought me this for 0 points:

63011 009

And then we met my Dad for supper. We went to a restaurant that my parent’s went to on their first date, except a different location. And they’re just as much in love today. Winking smile

63011 010

The building was old and had a nice atmosphere. And because it’s Iowa, it had a big painting of a cow for décor.

63011 018

It was DELISH! We started with a Spinach Artichoke dip appetizer. I had 1 slice Paseano of bread with about 1 Tbs. dip for an estimation of 5 points.

63011 013

And then came the garden salad which I got with Fat Free French. I ate 1/2 of the crouton—3 points.

63011 014

And I probably should have resisted (but didn’t) the garlic bread. I really don’t know how to count this so I’ll go by WW and count it as 6 points.

63011 015

I ordered the chicken parmesan for my meal—it was SOOOOOO good! I ate about half for an estimate of 10 points.

63011 017

It also came with a side of spaghetti and marinara and I literally ate two small bites and took the rest home. I’ll count it as 1 point, although I probably didn’t even eat that much.

63011 016

And hubby and me:

63011 012

And we decided to grab a bit of ice cream, which was perfect for a day like today—muggy and in the 90’s. This was a local ice cream shop that is run by a Dairy in the area. I had a scoop of Peanut Butter Cup ice cream. 5 points.

63011 019

And that’s it for eating! I used 13 weekly points today, but I enjoyed the supper out and eating that kind of food isn’t something we do very often.

And this greeted us when we got home. How cute!! Smile

63011 020

I’m looking forward to this long weekend!! I need to get some extra activity in soon, probably tomorrow. My WW leader said tonight that, “Exercise can cover a multitude of sins.” You said it, Sister!


  1. LOVE this post! I love to see pics of food with points values. That is so wonderful what your mom did with writing down what she put in the food. That means she is really supporting you on your weight loss journey. Great job on your 5k. Keep up the good work!

    Oh, and how do you make your iced latte? I make one, but it's 2 PointsPlus. 1 is a lot better. LOL

  2. Hi, I just found you through faithfulgyrl's blog. I love the people who post pictures of their food although I don't do it myself. I'm happy I found you. You are doing great. Don't stop writing when you reach goal. :)

  3. Good for you in having some fun - that ice cream looks delicious!! ;)

  4. Congratulations on the charm! You have been doing amazing you must be so proud! Enjoy your weekend!


  5. Way to go on the loss, and the charm. Glad you are enjoying your meetings!!!! Have a GREAT long weekend Alissa!!!!

  6. This is a good post and day well spent for you. It is wonderful to see that your family is supportive of your efforts. PS - you are very pretty! Keep up with your goals.



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