Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Did I Lose Weight this Week?

I didn’t know what to expect when I stepped on the scale this morning. I put in the work last week, earning 53 Activity Points, but I ate a lot. We’re talking I ate all of my weekly points and 35 Activity Points. I did overestimate when calculating points on foods without nutrition labels, so that I knew I would be ok. A lot of those extra points were due to a chips and Queso fiasco while eating out and that just threw me off. You live and learn. While I would have done some things differently in retrospect, I am darn proud of how well I did this last week. If I ate more points than I meant to, I made up for it by working out. It was a give and take week for me. It was about balance. And I learned some valuable lessons this week.

So how did it go? I LOST 2.4 LBS!!! And for me, that is HUGE! I weighed in at 203.8 lbs., which is a total loss of 84.2 lbs. I was ecstatic when I stepped on that scale this morning. Seeing a number like that puts me in disbelief. Am I REALLY that close to Onederland? It hardly feels possible—but it IS!! I am DOING this!

For breakfast this morning, I had cheerios with strawberries and milk for 4 points.

62211 001

I completed Day 13 of the 30 Day Shred and burned 188 calories. Level 2 is so hard!

Before work, I ate a banana for 0 points. This one was getting a little too ripe for my taste. I like them slightly green.

62211 002

I sipped on my usual iced latte all morning for 1 point.

62211 003

On my first break, I ate an egg on light bread for 3 points.

62211 004

For lunch, I had two wraps made with mission tortillas, Schwan’s boneless teriyaki chicken wings, Swiss cheese and tomatoes for 10 points.

62211 005

I finished it up with a fresh peach for 0 points.

62211 006

On my last break, I had a bit of a sore throat, so what better to soothe it than a Caramel Apple Pop from Schwan’s? 2 Points.

62211 007

These are absolutely delicious and satisfying. They have this creamy caramel in the center and they’re just perfect. LOVE them.

62211 011

MMMMMM, right? Smile

My boss asked me to sign out at the end of my shift for an hour and then work again for another hour—which isn’t so hard to do when you work from home, plus I’d get to leave an hour early on Friday. So I took him up on that! When I signed out, I ate some carrots for 0 points.

62211 013

I started getting supper prepared so it would be done by the time I got off of work and hubby was home and then I signed back into work for another hour.

For supper, I had coconut shrimp, a crab cake and green beans for 10 points.

62211 015

LOVING seafood lately!

For dessert, I had a FF/SF vanilla pudding for 2 points.

62211 016

I have 1 point left for the day. Hubby and I are thinking about going for a short run later on tonight but not sure if that will happen or not.

Tomorrow is my WW meeting. It will be my second meeting for my first WI to register a loss or gain. Let’s hope I keep this weight off for tomorrow! And since the meeting I went to last week closed, this will be the first meeting to attend at this location also. Wish me luck! Smile


  1. Good luck at your WW meeting. I've never seen that kind of Popsicle, it looks amazing and delicious!

  2. Great job, Alissa! You ARE doing this!!!

  3. Congrats! Onederland is in your sites now!

  4. Congrats! Those caramel apple pops look heavenly, wow!

  5. Yum! You make it look easy. =)

    What is your iced latte recipe?

  6. Congrats on the weigh in! That pop looks delish :)

  7. Way to go on that loss Alissa!! Good luck at the new W W meeting!!!

  8. Way to go Alissa. Congratulations on your loss this week and your total of EIGHTY-FOUR pounds! That is some serious AWESOMENESS! I work from home on Mondays and Fridays and I L-O-V-E it. Good luck at your WW meeting.

  9. Congratulations on your successful weigh-in! Your hard work is seriously paying off. Have fun at your meeting!

  10. Good job, girl!

    That Caramel Apple Pop looks absolutley delish!

  11. You are doing FABULOUS lady, Getting so close to being below 200lbs too. All the very very best for this week coming. x

  12. Awesome! :) You've been working hard and surely deserve it!

  13. such hard work with GREAT results...YAY and CONGRATS to you!!! Your food looks yummy as usual!!! Yes, I love seafood too, but unfortunately I never take the time to cook it :(

  14. Yay!!! The scale is moving!! Keep up the awesome work.

  15. I just found your blog and I love it! I love all the pics you post and how great your doing. Keep up the good work. I had lost 108 lbs but have gained 68 back so Im looking to lose that plus. I will look forward to your posts!

  16. YAY! Congrats on your big loss :)



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