Monday, June 6, 2011

A Downer

I hope you all had great weekends! Mine was fabulous but too short as usual!

I haven’t been feeling well since yesterday afternoon and this morning my weight was up 6 lbs. since Saturday! Something is definitely not right. I feel so bloated and so much pressure in my stomach. I need to start writing down what I’m eating when I feel like this because it’s been happening frequently lately, just not as bad as it feels this time. It may have been from eating rich foods at my in-law’s. Delicious food but I’m just not used to foods cooked that way anymore. Which is probably pretty evident because hubby chows down every time we go there like he hasn’t eaten in a year. lol.

So for breakfast, I had cheerios with a little milk and a banana for 4 points.

6611 001

Something light. And then I went back to bed. I felt a little better when I woke up but still not 100%.

On my first break, I ate a Yoplait Greek strawberry yogurt with Muesli for 6 points.

6611 002

I like the Muesli in yogurt a lot- it’s very good! Hubby likes it too.

For lunch, I had a salad with tuna, tomatoes, feta and walnuts for 4 points.

6611 003

I also had a mini cinnamon bagel with Honey Walnut cream cheese for 3 points.

6611 004

For dessert, I had FF/SF chocolate pudding for 2 points.

6611 007

I started to feel a lot better after I ate lunch, but still kind of light headed, tired and started getting a headache.

On my last break, I had yogurt covered raisins for 4 points.

6611 009

By the time I got off of work I had a terrible headache. I’m hoping it goes away very soon. But I am going to check out early tonight. Hubby is grilling pork chops for a healthy supper and then I’m going upstairs to rest and early to bed. I’m disappointed because I was really looking forward to a run tonight—but I don’t think that’s the best idea.

Hope your Monday went well! Sorry for the downer post! Sad smile


  1. My immediate thought was that you needed some good raw fruits & veggies. Then you posted you felt better after lunch and I think that confirmed it! If you have the points left, I'd suggest a green smoothie to help flush out the rest of that rich food.
    Indulging is fun, but like you, I'm no longer used to that stuff and I pay for it big time! :)
    Also, could your headache be due to a lack of coffee? I didn't see any on your menu today and I know you drink quite a bit. I always get a headache if I skip my morning cup! If not that, maybe dehydration? Just some thoughts. I'm sure the 6 lbs is just water retention. It'll go away as quickly as it showed up!!

  2. could be water retention from the weekend food that always happens to me. Try to drink a ton of water to flush it out and maybe go for a walk or something to see if that helps exercise always makes me feel better when bloated!!!

  3. It's not a downer day, it's just part of life and we all have those days so no apologies needed. I'd second the lack of coffee perhaps being the culprit. Caffeine also acts as a diuretic which might help with some of the bloating, it does me when I can literally feel myself retaining.

  4. hey, hope you're feeling better. I agree with the water thing... my husband has HBP and always gets real bad headaches if he hasn't gotten enough water.

  5. If you write down exactly what you eat, I wonder if you might find days with more splenda to bother your tummy. I have horrible stomach issues from Splenda and any artificial sweetener, really.

    I think a few green smoothies are in order :D

  6. I hope you feel better in the morning. I find when I have a "rich" day followed by a good day I always get a headache....I don't know why but it always seems to happen. The tummy ache is probably from the rich food - just not as good at processing it as it used to be =)

  7. Hope you are feeling 100% better today Alissa!!!!

  8. Feel better! Good idea to listen to your body and take it easy. Hope you figure out the culprit.

  9. I've been writing down what i eat and how I feel. I think it's good to have a list so that if you are thinking about eating something you can look at the list and remember how uncomfortable you felt.

  10. I have been very sick with my sinuses all week. Hope you feel better now!



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