Thursday, June 16, 2011


I decided to sleep in this morning after my long day yesterday. I was sound asleep when that alarm went off—I wish I could have slept longer!

For breakfast this morning, I had a cup of cheerios with blueberries and milk for 4 points.

61611 002

I just wasn’t very hungry this morning.

I sipped on Duchess Grey tea all morning for 0 points.

61611 003

Someone recently asked where I got this cup. My sister gave it to me for a gift, but it’s actually from World Market. LOVE IT. Perfect for tea!

By break time I was hungry. I microwaved an egg for 2 points.

61611 004

I also made a green smoothie out of yogurt, spinach, a banana, and mango for 1 point.

61611 005

This was SO good.

For lunch, I had my sub that hubby brought home last night from Subway. Turkey and ham. I also had carrots for 8 points total.

61611 006

Yesterday, I picked up 4 boxes of Sugar Free Ocean Spray drink packets because they were only 50 cents! I had to try the White Cran-Peach- 0 points! LOVED it!

61611 007

And for a little something sweet, I had a FF/SF vanilla pudding for 2 points.

61611 009

Right after work, I completed Day 7 of the 30 Day Shred. I burned 186 calories and I’m actually surprised I burned that many because I just felt so sluggish today!

Last week showed good numbers on the scale and I think it was due to working out a little harder, so I want to try to keep this up. I headed outside for a run. I wanted to run for 30 minutes and I did it. It was a hot 86 degrees outside and I really had to push myself to keep going! I ran 2.31 miles in 31 minutes and burned 441 calories!


The first mile was good, but I really slowed down on that 2nd mile again!

It’s official—I am going to buy workout clothes that FIT me. The entire run, I’m pulling up my pants. First, I start to feel it sagging in my butt and I can only imagine what that looks like. lol I bought one pair of smaller workout pants and if I’m going to workout more often, that’s just not enough! I need to have a few pairs that fit me so that they’re not all dirty at once. So this weekend, I’m going to Old Navy to buy a couple more pairs of workout capris. I guess it’s a good thing! But losing weight is getting really expensive!!

I really want to kill it on my 2nd WI at the Weight Watchers meeting next week and to do that I have to put forth hard work. So I want to keep this up!

For supper, I made sandwich thin pizzas and had a side of green beans for 7 points.

61611 010

I think spaghetti sauce is one of my FAVORITE foods—but I’ve been noticing I get sick to my stomach every single time I eat it. Even just the little bit on these sandwich thin pizzas. hmmmm…

On a hot day, nothing sounds better than ice cream. Monkeying Around- 5 points.

61611 011

I have 4 points left. I am tired out and full. Looking forward to some relaxation and a good night’s sleep tonight!


  1. Great job recording everything! I've never microwaved eggs before. What a fantastic idea!

  2. Need new work out clothes?


    You are worth it!!! It will make working out funner

    Is funner a word??? Hummmm

  3. get ya some snazzy workout clothes and BE PROUD of yourself and your accomplishments!!!

    Food looks yummy, as usual :)

  4. Big woo hoo for needing new workout clothes. That is a great NSV!!! Have a good Friday.

  5. Hey, do you use a regular blender to make your smoothie? I've thought about introducing some veggies to my smoothies, but I wasn't sure my blender would be powerful enough.

    Definitely go shopping. New workout clothes make me feel good and motivated. I was pretty indifferent to thought of tech tees, as I just wore cotton tees. What a difference! I was glad I made the splurge!

  6. Definitely get some new workout clothes! You want to look/feel your best in those clothes so you wear them more...and then work out more too!
    Spaghetti sauce with it's high concentration of tomatoes can be really acidic in your stomach...sorry you're not feeling well after eating it!



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