Friday, June 10, 2011

It’s Official, Planning Ahead, and a Challenge

Last night was a long night. It thunder stormed all night and kept me up. Plus, when it’s rainy—you just don’t want to get out of bed! But it’s Friday, so that helped a little.

I really think I need to get back to the basics and that going to the WW meetings will be good for me. I actually pre-registered and printed our my pre-registration paperwork today! So it’s official- I’m going to the meetings! It looks like it’s going to cost me about double what I pay now—which is a little unfortunate, but worth it if it works!


My sister’s friend (that I mentioned yesterday) also suggested eating less on days that you know that you’ll be indulging for supper. Such simple advice, but such a good reminder to me.

So for breakfast, I had cheerios with blueberries and milk for 4 points.

61011 003

And I sipped on Duchess Gray tea all morning for 0 points.

61011 004

I was hungry by my first break, and I think sometimes I let my hunger get away with me and I eat more than I need to. So today, I ate 1 peach and a light string cheese stick for 1 point—and got outta the kitchen! Winking smile

61011 005

For lunch, I had chicken salad and roasted zucchini and onions for 4 points. And can you believe I forgot to take a picture of this? Sad smile I guess I was hungry! It was so pretty, too!

I also had a cup of fresh strawberries with Cool Whip Free for 0 points.

61011 006

It was hard to believe that I had only eaten 8 points worth of food by after lunch! Yesterday I had eaten 19! Amazing. I guess it can be done by choosing different foods. Obviously, this wouldn’t be a good idea to do this on a normal day because I’d have way too many points left at the end of the day. But on a day like today when I know I’m going out for supper—it’s good to plan ahead!

On my last break, I snacked on an apple for 0 points.

61011 007

So last night hubby and I did get a short walk in. We walked for 1 mile. It always feels good to get some activity in—no matter what it is! I had to wear my new hat that hubby bought me. I LOVE it!

61011 002

My sister challenged me to do the 30 Day Shred for a month straight. I did this in the past and it was a good challenge! So I am going to take this challenge on! Today was the first day and I burned 150 calories! I forgot how great of a workout this is! I was sore! I used 5 lbs. weight. Hopefully this will help me tone a bit! Hello Jillian!

Hubby and I are going to go out for dinner and run a few errands tonight. So I’m going to sign out early! Have a great weekend!!


  1. I have suggested this before but you should really watch your fruit portions. It does hinder weight loss. I have cut a lot of my fruit way down and I have notice a difference in my weight and how I actually feel.
    But that is just my opinion.

  2. I tend to plan ahead too with my eating. If I know I'm going to be going out to dinner I go light during the day to save calories. Doesn't the WW program have unlimited fruit now? They must have done it for a reason but my sister is on WW and she is a little wary of that.

  3. It's not unlimited fruit. It's 5-7 servings of fruit and veggies a day. You really have to watch fruit. It is really high in carbs and full of sugar.

  4. I always tell myself that I'm going to do the 30 day shred for the full 30 days, but I'll end up missing a day.. and it throws me all off schedule.

  5. 30 day Shred ... I should follow your lead and do it myself. Adorable hat!!

  6. I would have to agree with Sarah. I think you're eating way to much fruit and not enough vegetables. Although fruit is healthy it's also loaded with lots of sugar and quite a few calories. Just a suggestion, but maybe for your snacks between meals try and snack on carrot and celery sticks dipped in light Italian dressing. You're doing an AWESOME job and I don't want to discredit that. I just think you need to change some things around. Keep up the good work. :o)

  7. Just wanted to pop in and say hi! You're doing great! I agree with the fruit comments on this post. That's something i should cut back on, too. I'm glad you joined ww meetings. I found them very inspiring. Love that you're thinking like a skinny girl today! - Angie's friend

  8. All the comments about fruit servings are based in fact, BUT if you are running regularly, I suggest planning your a serving right before your runs or after. The fruit serving will either give you quick energy for your run or restore what's depleted because of your run. If you're having fruit throughout the day not before/after a run, I suggested limiting it to berries, or low glycemic fruits that don't spike blood sugar.

    The best success I had with WW was when I attended meetings, so I think what you've decided is awesome. I'd go to the very first meeting on Saturdays... it kept me focused through the weekends.

  9. I also have JM's 30 day shred - I think I'll take the challenge also!

  10. I try to take carrots or celery as a snack to give me a little boost thru the day, I also eat one banana and one apple a day. I didn't get my walk in yesterday but I did sunburned and didn't feel like walking. Plus Aunt Flo is here. Hopefully I can get a walk in today.

  11. Since I've gotten so many comments on the fruit issue--I just want to say that today my fruit consumption was excessive--for a purpose, because I was trying to keep my points down. I did take you advice though, and went back 2 weeks worth of eats and averaged my fruit consumption on "normal" days. I averaged 3 servings of fruit a day. Some days more and some days less. Am I perfect everyday? Nope--but I think I do pretty well most days in the fruit department. But it is something that I keep in mind when I am making food choices- MOST days. That being said, if I am REALLY hungry, I feel ok about grabbing fruit because if I don't grab the fruit, I will grab something less healthy. I know I need to eat more vegetables, and that's why I have been trying to eat a salad regularly- but I've been out of lettuce for a few days.

  12. Way to go on the registration. Can't wait to hear what you think of the meetings! Have a great weekend Alissa!

  13. Kudos to you for making changes (going to the meetings, thinking like a skinny girl, etc!) When things aren't working out the way we want them to be ~ we have to look at what we're doing and see where changes can be made. You are being proactive and taking charge. You go girl!
    Also, I see no reason why eating only 8 points through lunch can't be a more regular thing? With so many healthy choices (fruits & veggies) being 0 points, it seems it should be easy to capitalize on those and just use your points to supplement (some healthy protein, a little sauce here & there, etc....)
    The staples of any healthy diet should be fresh fruits & veggies, followed by quality proteins & dairy. Grains should come dead last (except for processed junk).
    I know when I was on WW (years ago, so I'm not familiar with PP), I was always focused on eating ALL of my points. NO MATTER WHAT....even if I wasn't that hungry. Looking back, I realize I was simply eating too much food & I wasn't always choosing the healthiest options...
    Just a thought. I know WW encourages you to eat all of your points ~ but to me, it seems with the new program, if you making truly wise decisions, it would be damn near impossible to do....
    But, what do I know. We all do what we can and we all do our best and you are kicking my ass in the weightloss department :)

  14. I hope the meetings are just what you need to feel more successful on your journey. I already think you kick a**! :) I think I just might start shredding with you--Jillian and I need to make frenemies again. lol



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