Sunday, June 5, 2011

No More Somedays

I received a comment on a post a while ago that has stuck with me. In the post I wrote about how important losing weight is to me and listed the reasons and who I want to become. This person just said if you want to be a runner- then run! Don't wait to lose the weight to become who you want to be. That has made so much sense to me! I feel like I am always waiting around for something to happen. I won't be a runner (fill in the blank) if I don't run (fill in the blank). To become who I want to become I must try to be that person today! Who or what do you want to be someday? What are you doing TODAY to get there?


  1. Good thoughts. I'm a waiter too... I always think when ___ happens then I'll ___. I need to quit wasting my life away by sitting around and waiting for things to happen. Time to make things happen! :o)

  2. Oh yeah - great thoughts because unless you move to act on your dreams, the chances of them happening goes way down!

  3. I love this!!!! It is a great reminder to not put off life until we reach some "ideal"! Sieze the day!! And you have a good one Alissa!!

  4. You are a runner and don't let yourself tell you, you aren't. :) You run, period. I'm sure over half of the people in this country alone can't run 3 miles like you so be proud and just keep working on it! - Angie



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