Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rainy 5K Race Day and Race Day PR

This morning hubby and I participated in a local 5K. It was a beautiful course! About a mile into the race it started pouring down rain and continued through most of the race—but I didn’t mind! It made it more exciting. We were SOAKED. Hubby stayed with me in this race again. I kept it slow and steady. About 100 yard before the finish line this lady passed me up. I don’t know what came over me but I started speeding up too and all of the sudden I got this huge adrenaline rush and I BOOKED it to the finish line. I gave it everything I had and wouldn’t you know it—I passed up like 4 people!! I was so proud of myself in that moment. Of being able to give it my absolute best at the finish line--(although I have a habit of slowing down RIGHT when I’m about to step over the finish line- why do I do that?! lol. Hubby pushed my back and said keep going! Good thing he runs with me because I swear I have these issues at EVERY race. One time, I couldn’t figure out where the finish line was! lol. My pants may or may not have started falling down when I was running this fast at the end! I sure hope not, but it really felt like it! I had to keep pulling them up the whole race. Needless to say, I headed over to Old Navy immediately after the race and bought a pair of smaller running capris. But today we finished in 41:04—a personal race day PR!! The last race, we finished at 41:57. That’s improvement!! I’m looking forward to our big race on the 4th of July. Last year (which was my first 5k), we finished it in 42:21 and I hope to knock some time off of that one too!

I didn’t get many pictures because it was just hubby and I and no one to hold a camera—but I got a few before and after shots.


WaterlooDays5K 001

WaterlooDays5K 003

This race was the first race we’ve run where we had a chip- which was very cool!


I was thrilled to see people of all sizes and shapes. Nothing makes me happier than seeing 300+ lb. people getting out there and walking and giving it their best. I feel like saying, I know I’m not fast—but I’ve come this far and SO CAN YOU!! But instead, I mentally cheer them on. Smile There were lots of encouraging moments—people encouraging us on, a woman yelling, “Great job runners” to hubby and I—I said, “Hey, she called us runners! Which made me smile because even though I’m running, I don’t really feel like a runner.” lol. But at one of the intersections, we heard a guy directing traffic say, “Well I guess we might as well go now, it’s just walkers that are left.” Ummm, excuse me? We ran the whole time, mister! Just ‘cuz we’re slow doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep cars from running over us! I thought that was kind of rude.

And here we are afterwards, dried off quite a bit!

WaterlooDays5K 004

And you can see how wet my pants were either from the rain or sweat or both!

WaterlooDays5K 005

You can really tell my pants are too big in this picture. It’s crazy because sometimes you just don’t realize your clothes are getting too big until they start falling off! lol. I thought it’d be fun to take a full shot of me this year and compare it with next year’s picture at the same race! We hope to participate again! Race days are so much fun!


  1. Nice Job! And.. Yes you are a runner:)

  2. Fantastic! You both did great :)

  3. Congratulations Alissa and Hubby!!!!

  4. Well done on this run...and a good time ~ we need not to focus on time as much as WE RUNNING...were we started this journey and where we are today..
    Such a loving Hubby to stay with you....thats really special.
    Good for you with that sprint to the end....I love doing that as well...LOL

  5. Congrats Alissa. I'm glad you got that boost at the end and pushed yourself. Way to go! :)

  6. Way to go!!!! And congrats on the PR!

  7. Nicely done!!!! Congrats on the personal record...and I agree, race days are so much fun!!!

  8. These are cute pictures and you never cease to amaze me! We've been looking back at older pictures and came across the one when you guys came to visit and L helped D with the porch in our last house. You are a totally different person now. BRAVO! - Angie



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