Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stupid Scale

I weighed in at 208.4, that’s a .6 gain for the week. I’m pretty frustrated. The scale showed a loss all week until it jumped up on Tuesday morning. This morning I lost a little bit compared to yesterday, but not enough! I have been hovering around the same weight for months now. But I did lose 1.6 lbs. this month, so I guess that’s some progress. I don’t know if you could call this a plateau or not, but it sure feels like it. I’m giving it my all and still not getting anywhere scale wise. I know I am making leaps and bounds in the way my clothes fit and my fitness level. Plus, hubby is always commenting on how small I’m getting—so it has to be showing! Maybe I shouldn’t start freaking out until I weigh tomorrow and see where I’m at.

For breakfast this morning I had Muesli, a banana and a glass of milk.

6111 001

This was my first time eating Muesli and it was pretty good! I think I’ll try it cold next time. It has a great ingredient list:

6111 003

I have no idea how to pronounce Muesli, but that’s ok. Winking smile

I was running short on time this morning, so I skipped my usual iced latte but made sure to drink up on water to get hydrated. I have to say I am really good at drinking lots of water. At least 9 cups of pure water a day.

On my first break, I ate an AE Dairy Blueberry Greek Yogurt for 5 points.

6111 005

For lunch, I had my new favorite food. Coconut shrimp—SO So So good!! I also had green beans. Total of 5 points.

6111 006

6111 008

I finished up with a peach for 0 points.

6111 009

But had a chocolate craving so had 2 pieces of dark chocolate for 2 points.

6111 010

I was hungry by about 4:00, so I had 1 oz. of sharp cheddar for 3 points. I am getting really good at estimating 1 oz. of cheese. Almost every time, what I cut off of the block is exactly 1 oz. Go me for learning to eyeball serving sizes!

6111 011

I also had some of this:

6111 012

1 serving for 3 points.

6111 013

This stuff is very good! I have a bag of Almond too, which I can’t wait to try.

Hubby came home and suggested we go to Subway for supper because I was still working when he got home and hadn’t had a chance to get supper together. I ordered a turkey and ham sub with avocado- which they are offering for a limited time. I also had baked BBQ Lay’s for a total of 14 points.

6111 014

Tonight, I finally splurged on something I have been craving for weeks. A brownie with chocolate frosting. YUM. It was SO good and satisfied that craving- FINALLY! This was 11 points. And it was worth the points, believe it or not! This was from Casey’s General Store. Anyone in Iowa knows just how delicious their pizza and baked goods are at this gas station. Unbelievable. They also list their nutrition information online which is awesome. Way to go Casey’s!

6111 015

I was reading on WW online that many WW leaders say to switch your points up from day to day. Some days, eat more weekly points, others stay within your daily points. So today will be the day I ate the weekly points. Winking smile I usually allow myself a little more indulgence on Wednesday’s because it’s my first day of the week.

How do you feel about satisfying a craving every once in a while? I typically stay away from foods like 11 point brownies—hence I’ve been craving one for weeks and haven’t eaten one. Do you allow yourself to indulge? How often? Do you feel guilty? Truth be told, I don’t feel guilty for eating this brownie, the only thing that makes me feel guilty is thinking about the person who will read my blog once (happening to be on a day where I eat like I did today) and tell me I don’t know how to eat right. Winking smileBut remember, this is just a day in the life of this Journey to Thin.

I was just curious to see if my weight this morning was wacky, so I weighed this afternoon, after drinking 9 cups of water and eating 2 meals and I only weighed .2 more than this morning. I’m pretty sure I’ll have a loss tomorrow. Stupid scale. SmileBut that gives me hope.


  1. I am like you always treat myself on WI day.
    Life is always going to be here and sometimes we have cravings and if we don't let ourselves to indulge a little then we will binge eat. You are better to satisfy your cravings before they get out of hand.

  2. 11 points for a treat, eerr .... too much for me

    I usually try to find a substitue for my craving, double chocolate frozen yogurt

    pizza: I make my own low in points
    hamburger: I make a bocca burger

    you get my gist

    I do vary my points, high, low but for me nuts always cause me problems for weight loss

  3. i treat myself on weekends...spreading my 49 bonus points over 2-3 days. Though sometimes I save them all for a night out with hubby. WW has really helped me curb my weekend binges.

    BTW -- what brand are your coconut shrimp?

  4. you have to treat yourself, that's for sure! Those darn scales and a woman's day I'll lose 2lbs, the next day I'll gain 3! Ya know what I did? threw it away!!! SERIOUSLY!!! I judge by my pants and if they fit or get loose...whew, I'm doing good and when they get tight, I better stop celebrating on the weekends! Ha! HANG IN THERE :)

  5. A treat like that is pretty rare for me as well! I think when a craving hangs around like that you should satisfy that. You eat so well all of the time an occasional treat like that is okay.

    Too bad about your weight! I am sure you will see a loss tomorrow, our bodies can be so hard to understand!

  6. How many points was the Muesli? I've always thought about trying it. It is good to indulge once in a while. Especially if you are craving it. I find if I'm craving something for a while and eat it, I don't crave it for a while again. Although, I try not to indulge because I just can't seem to control myself when I do. I just keep on finding something else to eat. So, I'm safer without. Great job for keeping strong. Thanks for blogging :)

  7. Muesli is delicious! It's definitely better cold though, try it like that next time.
    I think you have to eat what you're craving sometimes. If I want a donut, and I don't eat one---I'll eat a piece of toast, a handful of cereal, a couple of chocolates, and some fruit instead---which is more calories that that donut in the first place!!!

  8. Hang in there. I used to listen to a podcast by this doctor who said his weight NEVER varied by more than 1 pound. I actually stopped listening to him because I just couldn't relate. My weight can vary by more than a pound in an hour. Anyway, if the scale gets you down maybe you could just average the 7 days and that could be your weigh-in for the week. Don't let it get you down - you are doing it!



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