Thursday, June 9, 2011

Think like a Skinny Girl

Is this week over yet? It’s just dragging on and on! I can’t wait for the weekend!

Last night, I decided to head out for a run. I told myself I would run for 20 minutes and then decide what I wanted to do. I then decided to run for 30 minutes. It started pouring down rain at one point, but after the last 5k, I’m ok with that! SmileHubby wasn’t up for running last night because he wasn’t feeling well, so he sat outside while I ran. It was getting late and it just made me feel safer. Thanks to my new RunKeeper App, I can just run all over the place and it will tell me how far I’ve run. No more pre-tracking distances or trying to map it on But I do enjoy running with my iPod blasting good music. It’s a stress reliever and I feel like I could conquer the world. I ran 2.36 miles and burned 241 calories. Here are my stats:



I get tired after that first mile and it really shows!

Fast forward to this morning.

For breakfast this morning I had a slice of light toast with PB and a bowl of blueberries and strawberries along with a glass of 1% milk for 5 points.

6911 001

Before signing in to work, I made some green tea for 0 points.

6911 002

Thank you for all of your advice on attending the WW meetings. I am leaning towards going, but I’m still thinking about it. I don’t want to give up on WW or the Points Plus system yet. I feel like WW is such a good program and it has worked thus far, although it is evident that my weight loss has stalled since switching to the Points Plus system. But maybe a WW leader, with expertise, could help me figure some things out. Another question: the WW meeting I would attend is in the evening. I’m concerned about weighing in after eating all day. How accurate and reliable could that be? Would it be ok if I still weighed in to go through the motions, but if I still tracked my own weight on Wednesday mornings, same time, same scale, not to mention naked, as I always have? I mean there are so many variables to weighing in at NIGHT and in PUBLIC. My clothes will weigh different weights, I might eat different foods. I mean I can’t go all day without eating! How do you handle this? Or am I getting ahead of myself? lol.

On my first break, I ate my favorite yogurt- Andersen Erickson Greek Clementine- 5 points.

6911 004

It’s a little high in points for yogurt—so I don’t eat it often, but it’s a good healthy treat once in a while!

For lunch, I had whole wheat pasta with spaghetti sauce and leftover roasted veggies for 7 points.

6911 005

And then I had a mini dark chocolate ice cream bar for 2 points.

6911 006

I always want something sweet after a meal. I’m thinking of looking for some mints or sucking candy that would be very low calorie but would still satisfy that need for something sweet. I wasn’t HUNGRY—just wanted that something sweet. Any recommendations?

Today was such a rainy day all day, so nothing sounded better than a Chai Latte. I haven’t had one of these forever but they’re so good! They come in packets made by Oregon Chai. 3 points.

6911 008

6911 009

For supper, I made quick burritos topped with tomatoes, Fage 0%, salsa and avocado for a total of 8 points.

6911 010

I am proud of myself because I resisted the tortilla chips tonight. Thanks to the advice of a friend of my sister’s (who has lost a lot of weight), I am TRYING to think like a skinny girl a little more often. Winking smileWhat’s that mean? Well, think like a thin person. Think like a healthy person. It means trying to change my inherent trait of thinking about food all of the time. It means thinking like the person I want to be, and in essence, BECOMING the person I want to be, by making those kinds of choices NOW.

And actually, this morning I ate a little less for breakfast due to her advice also. She recommended 3-5 points for breakfast. So while all of my choices weren’t skinny girl choices today, I’m making a start at it!  Baby steps, right? Thanks for the advice, Angie’s friend, if you’re reading this!

I have 3 more points left for the day. Right now I’m pretty full and bloated feeling (thanks to refried beans in the burritos). The good thing is that I’ve drank 112 oz. of water today, not including the milk, green tea and chai. So if you’re wondering if I drink enough water, there’s your answer. And this is just a typical day for me. You can ask my family, I bet when they imagine me, they see me with my water bottle in hand. lol.

Hubby and I  might go for a walk tonight after supper settles a little more. I’m up for it! Although it’s supposed to start thunder storming again soon… Looks like this Saturday is going to be nice—we’re looking forward to a little geocaching on a long bike ride!! Can’t wait!


  1. If you consistenly weigh in at night time it won't make a difference with your weight loss. Does that make sense?

    But say you switch from morning to night, one week and then switch again from night to morning, then it would be all screw up. The point is to be consistent with weigh ins.
    Alot of people weigh in at night and have seen big numbers on the scale.

  2. I agree with Sarah. As long as what you are doing is consistent with when and what you are wearing, it won't matter after the first week of the change. I do think that talking to a leader will help. Take any tracking you have been doing because they are great at analyzing it to help you see if there is some small tweaking you can do to get your weight going in the direction you want. another thing, remember the scles is only one aprt of the journey. You did an amazing run last night, by yourself! You go girl!

  3. I would make sure to eat very normally the day of your WI. The first one will be weird because you don't know anything about their scale. It could be higher than yours or lower. What matters is only the weigh ins *after* the initial one, which is just your baseline. Do not let it freak you out.

    As for after dinner sweets -- I love Altoids!

    My husband also will have a werther's butterscotch type of candy. They are sweet and last a long time.

  4. that burrito looks good!!!

    may be on my menu tomorrow :)

    Karla @ Daily thoughts

  5. You will probably see a gain your first week unless you have a big loss in the morning - on average it's a 2 pound difference (from when I worked at the scales and personally)!

  6. Good day! I think I'll have to work some of that chai into my day, it's so relaxing and spicy delicious. Thanks for taking the time to post pics as well, it's a reminder that healthy food can be simple and diverse!

  7. Hey your are doing so great! Burrito does look so good! if you don't mind me asking where did you get that cute little cup, you put your green tea in?

  8. I previously attended meetings on Thursday evenings, but then switched to Saturday mornings. Honestly, I didn't see a difference in my WI. I do try to wear the same thing each week to WI. Winter was jeans & a long sleeve tshirt / summer is knit shorts and a tshirt. However, I think the clothing is more a mental thing for me. My WW WI is the only time I weigh each week -- I tried weighing every day, but it was terrible on my psyche. I know some folks (like my DH) need to WI every day, but I can't. :)

  9. I like the idea of thinking like a skinny girl. And agree with all the comments that a long as you are consistent in timing, the scale will sort out. The first weigh in at the meeting will be out of whack to what you are used'll be the weigh ins AFTER that that you'll be able to track your losses. And as for it being in public, only you and the leader will see the scale and the number on it. (thankfully its not like the biggest loser that the number appears on a screen for all to see). Hope your Friday goes quickly - bring on the weekend!

  10. I've always heard that if you crave sweets after a meal you didn't get enough protein. That may be it try adding some in and see if it makes a difference. It could also be your brain responding to habit of always have a dessert after a meal

  11. The quick burrito looks absolutely delicious!What does it consist of? I love the advice of thinking like a skinny girl.
    It's funny that you are going to start attending meetings because I just decided to follow the program online. The meetings are wonderful but I felt like I didn't conect with anyone(partialy my fault) and my leader concentrated more on joking than anything else. Conect with someone and make it a point to meet up every week. Best of luck to you! I am sure that you will achieve your goal.



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