Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weekend Workouts

One of my new goals is to be more active on the weekends. My new workout plan has been to workout everyday for about 30 minutes and work out for an hour most days of the week. Since I started doing this, my weight loss has started up again. I love weekends because I have much more time to get in workouts when I WANT to because I don’t have a set schedule. So this morning, I couldn’t sleep, so I went for a walk for 30 minutes. I walked 1.84 miles. I love going for walks in the morning when it’s so quiet and calm outside. And of course, I completed Day 16 of the 30 Day Shred and burned 197 calories. So, it was a good day of activity for me!

I stopped at the consignment store that I’m going to sell my clothes and found out how everything works. I have to make an appointment and they only accept like one small bag of clothes per appointment, which is a little ridiculous if you ask me. So I’ll be making a bunch of appointments because I have TONS of clothes to sell! While I was there, I browsed the store and found a pair of workout capris that fit me PERFECTLY for only $3.99!! Now that’s what I’m talking about! I think I need to start shopping at consignment shops more often as I am transitioning into smaller sizes.

So that’s about all I have for an update today. Smile I hope you’re having a great weekend!


  1. Woo Hoo....great score on the capris. Have a great west of the weekend.

  2. oops...typo in my comment above....have a great REST of the weekend. (I need coffee! :) )

  3. Getting smaller clothes is the best part :)

  4. I tend to slack off on weekends when it comes to exercising. That's one of my goals, too. To be more active on the weekends.

  5. I Love consignment stores for my transition clothes.



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