Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hurricane of the Prairie- With Pictures

I’m back!! But most importantly, our power came back on at about 4:00 this afternoon!! So we were without power from 4 AM on Monday morning until then! That’s a long time- but we survived! Hubby temporarily fixed the internet—YAY!! They still need to come out to repair the cable that ripped out of the house, but they can’t come until Monday, so I was glad that hubby got things taken care of so we can at least use the internet—even if it’s not reliable until they fix it!

I just wanted to share some of the photos that I took of what I saw termed as the “Hurricane of the Prairie.” A lot of my pictures didn’t turn out well because it was 5:00 in the morning and the lighting wasn’t very good!

The storm was something I had never experienced before, although hubby has been through something similar in 1998. Honestly, we weren’t expecting anything. At about 4:15 AM, we heard our surge protector clicking on and off, so hubby looked at the radar on his phone and saw there was a tornado warning in the county next to ours and pretty soon we had the warning too. So we headed to the basement. And a few minutes later, it roared. I don’t know how to explain it, but it sounded like things were moving in the house above us. Hubby could hear the foundation creaking. We didn’t know what we were going to go upstairs to. We couldn’t really see anything because it was dark, but we opened the door to the porch and saw the window was knocked out and the shade was ripped apart and whipping around:

HurricaneofthePrairie 035

I’m just going to post these pictures as I took them, with captions to explain if needed, but mostly just post the pictures.

HurricaneofthePrairie 041

HurricaneofthePrairie 042

HurricaneofthePrairie 043

HurricaneofthePrairie 044

HurricaneofthePrairie 045

This grain bin got blown to the middle of the road and kept the road blocked all day.

HurricaneofthePrairie 055

Totally snapped the stop sign off, and blew a rocking chair down the road a block.

HurricaneofthePrairie 065

This church lost the roof.

HurricaneofthePrairie 071

I’m pretty sure the playground is done for.

HurricaneofthePrairie 079

HurricaneofthePrairie 081

HurricaneofthePrairie 084

HurricaneofthePrairie 088

HurricaneofthePrairie 089

HurricaneofthePrairie 090

HurricaneofthePrairie 092

HurricaneofthePrairie 094

HurricaneofthePrairie 095

HurricaneofthePrairie 097

HurricaneofthePrairie 098

The damage to our house was pretty minor, but will take some repair.

HurricaneofthePrairie 101

HurricaneofthePrairie 102

HurricaneofthePrairie 103

Our flag was in perfect condition before the storm. I’m surprised it stayed on the pole!

HurricaneofthePrairie 105

HurricaneofthePrairie 107

We have no idea where this chair came from? It’s been sitting in the neighbor’s yard.

HurricaneofthePrairie 108

HurricaneofthePrairie 109

HurricaneofthePrairie 112

The corn was flattened in all of the fields.

HurricaneofthePrairie 119

HurricaneofthePrairie 123

HurricaneofthePrairie 126

HurricaneofthePrairie 127

The yard waste dump had lines of pick up trucks. That’s a HUGE end loader, it was like a forest there—so many trees!

HurricaneofthePrairie 133

HurricaneofthePrairie 135

HurricaneofthePrairie 136

HurricaneofthePrairie 141

There is debris in fields EVERYWHERE—miles away from anything.

HurricaneofthePrairie 142

HurricaneofthePrairie 143

HurricaneofthePrairie 144

HurricaneofthePrairie 150

HurricaneofthePrairie 151

HurricaneofthePrairie 157

HurricaneofthePrairie 159

HurricaneofthePrairie 160

HurricaneofthePrairie 163

HurricaneofthePrairie 164

It was quite the storm. Hubby and I are so thankful that everything is ok. Our home was spared. No one was injured. It really made us realize how petty our problems seem sometimes!

I will be back to regular blogging tomorrow as long as all goes well!


  1. Weather is really incredible what it can do. Thank goodness you are safe and sound!

  2. Mother Nature is sending us messages. I hope people realize a few things and wake up. I am so glad you are okay and your house didn't take a brutal beating. Be well!

  3. Amazing photos! I am glad you and yours are all okay and your house weathered the storm!

  4. Sooo glad you and your family were okay. We too live in tornado world and I HATE it. A lot. I wish we had a basement, but we do have a small storm shelter in the garage.

  5. That is SOOO sad girl!! I am sooo glad you and your family are safe!!!!

  6. Some of those pics are unbelieveable- the grain bin in the street! wow. glad you're okay and the house escaped with only a few scratches!

  7. HOLY SMOKES!!!!! Amazing pictures Alissa. SOOOO glad you and hubby (and kitties) came through the storm unscathed!!! And all the best to those who sustained damage. Wow.. Have a good Friday!

  8. whoa. crazy! glad you guys are okay :)

  9. So glad that ya'll are okay. It's very scary...that's what the damage looked like around here after we got hit a few months ago.

    Stay safe!!



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