Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Fastest 5K Yet and a 4th of July Recap with Lots of Pictures

The 4th of July was so much fun that I thought I would take today to do a recap of the day yesterday. I certainly wouldn’t have had enough energy to do all that we did yesterday if this had been a few years ago and 84 lbs. heavier. Losing weight can change your life in so many ways!

But the fun actually started the night before, so I’ll share some pictures from that first! My brother and family, my parents, and my younger brother came to visit.

My younger brother, hubby and I spent some time at the pool in the afternoon and that was fun as usual! I made sure to swim a few laps. I got in a lot of activity this weekend, between the swimming, walking with my Dad, running, and Shredding everyday—my sister in law actually joined me for the Shred one day! Thanks, Betta!

Here’s my younger brother playing basketball with my nephew:

4thofJuly 001

Having fun at the park:

4thofJuly 004

I have never seen kids love cotton candy so much before! They devoured it!! lol

4thofJuly 008

We were up bright for the 4th of July 5k in our town. A year ago I ran this race as my first 5k in 42:21. And one year later, I finished the race in 37:26—my fastest race time yet! It’s a new PR and FINALLY under 40 minutes! I was very proud of myself! It’s amazing what a difference a year can make! Hubby ran along side me, my brother ran pushing a double stroller, my younger brother ran and so did my sister in law. They all finished in the 20 minute range and did awesome! Here are a few pictures!

This is my sister in law, my older brother, me, hubby and my younger brother before the race.

4thofJuly 045

Kind of fun to compare to last year! I have lost about 30 lbs. since last year’s race. I think you can see a difference!

July4th 004

My cute nephews who were so proud of their Daddy for running “realllly fast!”

4thofJuly 047

Me and hubby:

4thofJuly 050

The starting line:

4thofJuly 057

4thofJuly 058

And we’re off!

4thofJuly 059

4thofJuly 060

The guy who won finished in like 16 minutes and some seconds- simply amazing!

My brothers finishing:

4thofJuly 065

4thofJuly 068

And my sister in law racing to the finish line!

4thofJuly 069

And hubby and I coming in:

4thofJuly 073

All done!

4thofJuly 082

4thofJuly 084

This is my favorite race to run. It has that small town feel and it’s a smaller race. They give away prizes at the end of the race and we all won something. Fun! SmileA girl came up to me at the end of the race and told Hubby and me that we did a really good job—so that was really nice of her! We were neck and neck the entire race and we ended up finishing before her. I’d love to have a running buddy, too bad I didn’t get a chance to talk to her longer. She seemed at about my speed! So if you read this—let me know! lol

Thanks to my Dad for taking the pictures!

And then we came home and got cleaned up to go to the parade. My nephews loved it!

Here’s my Mom:

4thofJuly 088

4thofJuly 090

4thofJuly 093

4thofJuly 094

4thofJuly 097

Hubby and me:

4thofJuly 095

The parade:

4thofJuly 099

4thofJuly 117

4thofJuly 118

All of his candy!

4thofJuly 119

My parents had to head home—we enjoyed you being here!And then it was time for the 4th of July lunch.

My nephew is a great helper and helped me make the fruit pizza.

4thofJuly 130

4thofJuly 132

4thofJuly 126

4thofJuly 134

4thofJuly 128

4thofJuly 135

After lunch, we headed to the pool for a couple of hours. The 4th turned out to be a beautiful day!

4thofJuly 015

4thofJuly 016

4thofJuly 017

After the pool, we went home and rested a while and then ate supper. I didn’t get any pictures of that though!

And then we headed back up to the party in the park for a little while.

4thofJuly 027

I may or may not have had a few bites of a funnel cake. Winking smile

And then it was time for fireworks! Traditionally, in the back of hubby’s truck. The best place to watch fireworks!

4thofJuly 029

4thofJuly 030

4thofJuly 031

And the guys had to set off a few fireworks of their own…

4thofJuly 034

Snacking on pistachios:

4thofJuly 035


4thofJuly 036

4thofJuly 040

4thofJuly 041

It was a beautiful night!

4thofJuly 042

4thofJuly 055

4thofJuly 060

4thofJuly 065

I hope your 4th of July was a good one!! Smile


  1. Congratulations on the new PR Alissa! You and your hubby are so cute, too :D

  2. Congrats on your PR! Such a huge difference in only a year--that's great!!

  3. Goo job on the run! You and your family are adorable!

  4. Congratulations on the run! You rock! And your nephews are adorable :)

  5. Congratulations on the run!

    Lots of great pictures! Glad you had a great 4th of July :D

  6. Major congrats on the PR Alissa! Amazing! You should check out Amber's story on our blog today...I think you both are so inspiring!!! ;)

  7. BIG Congrats on your personal best time!!! You look amazing!!! Love the photos, I awww'd out loud at your nephew! What a cutie!! Have a great day.

  8. Way to go on the run and glad to see you had a great 4th. Take care!

  9. Love you journey!! Where in Iowa are you? Love it there!



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