Monday, July 18, 2011

Setting a Routine, Pink Shoelaces, and Almond Joy Coffee Creamer

Another weekend gone by too fast! I hope you had a good one. I know I did! One of the highlights of the weekend was going to a baseball game for hubby’s work picnic. They had fireworks after the game and it was a lot of fun—although incredibly hot!

71811 001

This morning was a sad one because hubby had to leave again to work at a place a few hours away, so he will be gone all week, but home on Thursday nights for long weekends, for the next month again. Sad smileIt’s no fun, but we’re glad he has a job.

For breakfast, I had cheerios with sliced bananas and milk for 4 points.

71811 002

Today was the first day of a new schedule for me, so I wanted to try to start it off on the right foot exercise wise. Not to mention, this weekend was not the best for me eating wise. So once hubby left, I headed out for a quick run. I didn’t have a lot of time, but it was enough time for a run. Workout time was 26:56. Total distance was 1.9 miles. I ran about 1.5 miles and unfortunately had to stop running and walk the rest of the way because I thought if I didn’t I was going to poop my pants—yes, I know TMI, but I think those who run know what I’m talking about!! The only good thing about running on a treadmill is close proximity to the bathroom if you need it, but unfortunately I was outside and way too far from home! lol I burned 302 calories. Whoohoo! It was a HOT one out there this morning! At 5:45 AM it was already 78 degrees with 83% humidity—another reason I wanted to get a run in this morning because I don’t think it would even be healthy to run in the heat that came later!

This was my first run sporting my pink shoelaces that Fit Approach sent to me for their Sweat Pink Movement. Love it!

71811 012

Before signing in to work, I whipped up an iced latte for 1 point. I spotted this Almond Joy creamer at the grocery store and it is SOOOOOOO good!

71811 003

I also snacked on some cinnamon almonds for 5 points.

71811 004

On my first break, I snacked on a boiled egg for 2 points.

71811 006

For lunch, I had a bagel thin egg white beaters sandwich with roasted zucchini for 9 points.

71811 007

And for dessert, I had a Skinny Cow Peanut Butter Heavenly Crisp for 3 points.

71811 008

These are very good! Have you tried them yet?

On my last break, I had a bowl of fruit for 0 points.

71811 009

And finally work was over for the day. I spent some time cleaning, doing laundry, and the miscellaneous “chores” that hubby usually does.

For supper, I had a salad made up of lettuce, BBQ sauce, leftover pork chop, pecans, feta and tomatoes for 6 points.

71811 014

One of my favorite salads!

For dessert, I had SF chocolate pudding topped with sliced bananas and Cool Whip for 2 points.

71811 016

I wanted to make my supper a little more filling, so that’s why I added the banana—and it helped.

After supper, I headed outside to water the flowers and the garden. Wow it was hot out there! I barely moved and came into the house soaked in sweat. It was 95 degrees with 60% humidity—whew!

Tonight I’m going to relax and find a good show or movie to watch. Something girly since hubby isn’t here. Winking smile

I have 1 point left for the day. I’ll probably have a snack of some kind, but not sure what yet!


  1. I love the skinny cow crisps, they are yummy!!!

  2. Are you still going to WW meetings? You didn't post last week but I know you had a crazy week with the storm!

  3. i bought the same creamer... it is yum!

  4. This humidity is horrible! I hate sweating right when I get out of the shower, too. Ick.

  5. Those crisps look delicious! I can't say I've seen them for sale anywhere!!

  6. I have been buying the Almond Joy creamer too. It is the best! My sister likes the Coconut Cream creamer, but I prefer the AJ.

  7. Well I'm definitely going to the store tomorrow to get that creamer. AJ's are my weakness so that may be a fun way to satisfy that temptation!

  8. I like those laces! And that zucchini looks yumbo!

  9. Yummy! I wish we could get some sun here!

  10. You are such a good eater, and always come up with such creative ideas. I definitely need to try that skinny cow candy bar.


  11. I really like those swish laces!!! How fun. Skinny cow candy hasn't made its way over the border to Canada yet, so next time I'm down in the states, I'll look out for them. Have a great day Alissa!



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