Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weigh in Day, Yerba Mate Tea, and My New Kicks

Weigh in day was more of a relief than any triumph or success. I was happy to just stay the same. This last week was all over the place and I am so happy to be starting fresh now. I weighed in at 205, and while I’m not happy that it’s still up from my lowest, I know that I haven’t given it 100% the past couple of weeks due to crazy circumstances and partly due to my lack of complete dedication. But that changes now. No looking back—only onward and forward!

I was excited to try out a new Fiber One Honey Squares cereal that was sent to me through MyBlogSpark from General Mills. I had a bowl of cereal with milk and a bowl of fruit for only 3 points. A serving of the cereal is only 2 points—awesome!

72011 001

Be sure to check out my review and for a chance to win a box of cereal and prize package! (click the link)

I sipped on an Almond Joy Iced latte all morning for 1 point.

72011 002

For my first break, I had a serving of cinnamon almonds for 5 points.

72011 003

I also had a lite Raspberry Cheesecake yogurt for 2 points.

72011 004

For lunch, I had Krunchie potato wedges (ended up having 1.5 servings because I baked too many and they tasted too good—and also found out 1.5 servings of these only adds 1 point to a single serving which is 4 points! weird?) and a wrap made of a Flat Out, deli turkey, laughing cow, tomatoes and lettuce for a total of 10 points.

72011 006

And I finished it up with SF Chocolate pudding for 2 points.

72011 007

On my last break, I tried some Yerba Mate tea that Casey from Casey’s 279 very graciously mailed to me from Paraguay when she read a post about me not feeling well a while back. So sweet of her!

72011 008

She also sent me some pieces of √Ďandut√≠, which you can see one of them in the photo of my tea cup below and also a hand crafted wooden turtle on a necklace which is so unique and beautiful. Thank you so much Casey! Smile

72011 009

I was intrigued by the smoky taste of this tea so I did a little research and found that it has a lot of health benefits and is supposed to be even better for you than Green tea. Here’s what I found at this site, “Yerba mate is a tea-like beverage made from the leaves and tender stems of a powerful rainforest tree, discovered centuries ago by the indigenous people in South America. It is native to the subtropical rainforests of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina. Revered as the ‘drink of the gods’ and consumed to ensure health, vitality, and longevity, yerba mate triumphs as nature’s most balanced stimulant. The leaves of the yerba mate tree contain 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, abundant antioxidants and naturally occurring caffeine.” Now that’s some powerful tea!!

I was pretty excited to see the UPS man deliver a package today! Look what I got!

72011 010

72011 011

I think these will look great with my pink laces, won’t they? Smile

So I had to take a run in my new kicks! It’s just too hot to run outside, so I hit the treadmill. I ran 1 mile in 12 minutes, walked .25 miles, ran .5 mile and walked .25 mile for a total workout time of 28:12, 2 miles total. I have no idea how many calories I burned because my Polar HR monitor does not work when I am on the treadmill! It’s so frustrating to me! I have asked Polar if they make any better HR monitors that wouldn’t be affected by the treadmill, but they never responded to me. I have one of the less expensive ones and it works great except when I’m on the treadmill. I’d be willing to invest in something better if I only knew it would be reliable ALL of the time. Any recommendations? Anyone have a Garmin? I’ve been contemplating one of those with my birthday money in September, but not really sure if I would need one since I use my phone for GPS, but it might be simpler to just have one gadget that does it all for me. I’d love your thoughts.

There is nothing better than a run though. It gives you that accomplished feeling and wakes you up. As far as the shoes, it’s hard to tell when I’m running on the treadmill because I find my joints hurt more on the treadmill. I have a problem with my feet turning inwards and it makes my toes and the inside of my feet hurt. I’ll be interested in taking them outside one of these days when it cools off!

For supper, I had a Flounder fillet topped with fruit salsa along with zucchini and low fat cottage cheese for 5 points.

72011 014

What a low point supper!

For a little something sweet, I had banana soft serve topped with Cool Whip Free for 0 points. (Be sure to check out my recipe section to find this recipe!)

72011 015

I have 5 points left for the day and I’d like to save them for a snack that I will inevitably want to have later on tonight. Just planning ahead. Smile

Guess what? Hubby comes home tomorrow!


  1. Your meals always look SOOO good!! Some days, I just want to follow what you ate exactly...haha!!

  2. Those will look good with your pink laces ;) Can't wait to see!!

  3. Yerba Mate - I once went all out with that tea -
    yummy ! Enjoy!
    Food looks great!

  4. You are incredible! With everything going on in your life you are still taking pics and have gotten right back to it!

  5. Staying the same can be a little blessing at times. But it must be SO frustrating when you are SO near the 200lbs mark. Well done on getting back into the swing of things and wishing you well for this week.

    Your wrap looks great. I LOVE wraps.

  6. What Polar do you have? I have the FT7 and it works fine on the treadmill. I've never used a machine that interfered with any of my HRMs... Does yours have a chest strap? I can't see how anything interferes with that... ?

  7. My husband has a Polar heart rate monitor and it works fine on the treadmill. They sold them when he did cardiac rehab. He's never had any trouble with it and 99% of the time wears it while on the treadmill.

  8. So glad you like the tea!
    Your shoes look great! I love the color!
    And ditto Lyndsay about following your meals! :)

  9. Those shoes will look PERFECT with the pink laces!!! And oh, the activity points you'll earn when you wear 'em! Big yay on staying the same at weigh in! That is a victory in itself. Have a great day Alissa.

  10. Oh how I've missed reading your blog!! I didn't even know it till I clicked on it and the familiar page and pics popped up!

    Re: the potato wedges. I love it when that happens with the points plus. It happened with my red wine.:) Here's what a figure: 1 serving is likely 3.5 points which rounds up to 4, then adding a 1/2 a serving of 1.75 points to 3.5 points is 5.25 points which rounds down to 5. Ta-da!!! It's like a WW gift, although sometimes it works against us. haha!



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