Thursday, July 7, 2011

When you don’t lose one day… try the next!

Is anyone else having a really hard time getting back into a schedule this week? Wow—it has been tough! I am ready for the weekend!

For breakfast this morning, I had cheerios, milk and strawberries for 4 points.

7711 001

I had to make myself Shred this morning. Did not want to in the least bit. I struggled through the whole thing. I burned 152 calories, but Day 28 is complete.

I was frustrated stepping on the scale to see that I lost a little over a lb., but I was hoping to get all of the weight that I gained off. Why is it that I can bust my butt for a month to lose 4 lbs. and I can gain it back and then some if I so much as glance at a cookie? Ok, so if I may not eat perfectly for one day. Why is that? It’s really frustrating. Hubby has been trying to encourage me and tell me that we just need to step it up like I had been doing before the 4th of July and once I get back into my groove, everything will be just fine. I’m sure that being super tired and worn out probably affects the body too. So maybe a restful weekend will help.

Before signing in to work, I made my usual iced latte for 1 point.

7711 002

For my first break, I ate a piece of toast with an egg for 3 points.

7711 003

Lunch was a salad made with lettuce, chicken, salsa, 0% Fage, cheese, and tortilla chips for 5 points.

7711 004

And I finished It up with a No Pudge! brownie for 3 points.

7711 005

I always weigh myself in the afternoon when I have to weigh in at my WW meeting. I weighed 207 at 2:30 and at 4:30 I weighed 205—lol how does that happen!? But it made me happy!

So I headed to my meeting and I was even happier when I had a .6 loss for the week! That means that my weight must have really dropped today from over the holiday. Yay!! So I guess if you don’t lose weight one day, try again the next day! Smile It was another good meeting, but I was hoping to get a 5K charm for the 5k I ran on the 4th of July—are you supposed to just mention that you ran a 5k when you weigh in? Last week, they asked if anyone had done a 5k during the meeting.

Hubby had supper ready for me when I got home. We had Papa Murphy’s Herb Chicken Mediterranean pizza. I had 2 slices for 10 points.

7711 006

For dessert, I had a turtle sundae for 7 points.

7711 007

That puts me right at my points target for the day!

I also ate a banana, probably didn’t need it but I felt like eating an entire tub of ice cream and eating the banana kept me from doing that. Winking smile

Thankfully, tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! I cannot wait for the weekend!


  1. Oh boy I know what you mean about getting back into routine. It can be so tough! But I know you can do it- you've been working so hard, you'll power through this rough patch!

  2. I know how it feels to be all over the place but you get upset about not losing but yet eat pizza and ice cream sundaes all the time I know its nice to indulge a bit at times but it may make a difference for you... have you tried maybe changing up your eating style a bit to see if that helps?

  3. What a difference a couple of days make on a scale!!

    I think they were handing out 5k charms because WW just had the Weight watchers walk it challenge.So they probably had some left. They don't celebrate 5k's all the time. Usually just pounds lost you get charms!

  4. I know how you feel about the scale acting all weird hope the gain comes off... it can be so frustrating to work hard for the month and have less then what you wanted to show for it

  5. Just found your blog right before the 4th. Congrats on all those pounds you have lost! I just had to comment on today's thread because I can't help but notice the brownie and the ice cream in one day. I do that same thing!!! Do you ever feel guilty for that even though you had the points for it? I'm not being judgemental at all. Sometimes when I do that I think why in the world did I eat both those in the same day? LOL I've only been doing this since 4/20/11. Had gotten down to the 10 lb mark and then WW had to cancel one meeting and I gained 1.8 in that 2 weeks time between weigh ins. Ugh. Just weighed Tues and was down 1.0, so now I'm 0.8 away from being BACK at 10 pounds. Lifelong journey! :)

  6. Ugh...I hate the one-up, one-up struggle with weight loss. It's ridiculously disheartening. The gains happen SO fast (almost in spite of all the good stuff you're doing). Ugh! So frustrating!

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  8. Getting back into a routine is always difficult, but good for you for getting back out there.

  9. Atta girl Alissa!!!! Way to keep moving forward!!!! Have a GREAT weekend!!

  10. Thats what I love about Weight Watchers you CAN have a brownie and icecream!! A CALORIE IS A CALORIE. Whether it comes from a piece of ham or cake. Haha YOu are doing great and I am sooo inspired by you!! I think you do a wonderful job incorporating healthy stuff and also NORMAL stuff that everyone eats! Love it!!! Thank you for blogging!!



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