Thursday, August 11, 2011

An Accidental Brick

I woke up this morning really wishing it were Saturday. I’m ready for the work week to be over already!

I wasn’t hungry this morning, so I drank a cup of coffee for 1 point while I was working.

81111 003

For some reason, emotional eating has really crept up on me again. Or maybe what I should say is that I have allowed myself to eat because of my emotions—I have to take responsibility for this. I thought I had this under control. Last night I was a little anxious, a little sad and upset because hubby said he wouldn’t be able to come home when he thought. I felt lonely and didn’t have anyone to talk to because all of my family is away right now. So what did I do? I turned to food. And I knew that eating wasn’t the answer. I was CONSCIOUS of the fact that I was eating for purely emotional reasons and yet I did it anyway. WHY?! And I ate 10 points worth of food that I didn’t need. Not only am I letting bad habits creep back up again, but that’s certainly not going to help my weight loss. I could say that hubby will be home to stay soon and that will help with my emotional eating and my evening snacking (mostly because I’d be too embarrassed to mindlessly eat in front of someone else), but that doesn’t really fix the problem with myself. If I can’t handle myself when I’m alone—then there’s a problem. I KNOW that emotional eating is one of the biggest reasons that I grew into the obese woman that I was. If nothing else, THAT should stop me in my tracks. I do not want to go back there. I just can’t. Sometimes I feel so helpless and frustrated with myself. It’s like there are two sides of me—the good one that wants to make healthy choices, lose my weight and feel great about myself—and the bad one who wants to eat junk to try to make me feel better, be lazy, and depressed. I think what it comes down to is that I am letting myself ease back into bad habits and that HAS to STOP. NOW. I think I am going to start a little journal and keep it in the kitchen. If I want to eat, I should sit down and do some writing. How do you deal with emotional eating?

My stomach was growling half way to my break, so I just decided to wait it out. And for some reason my hunger subsided by break time and I just didn’t feel like eating. I know. Weird, right? But I really needed to take my pills and my blood pressure pill has to be taken with food or milk, so I drank a glass of milk for 3 points.

81111 004

I am trying to listen to my body better. And if I can do that in the mornings, then that’s a start. Now if only I could learn to listen to my body in the evenings. I’d probably lose a ton of weight if I did that… But is going without breakfast not good for me? I’ve heard breakfast is so important—but what if I’m physically not hungry? And you know what? I felt really good. I lost the bloated feeling and I felt energized.

I decided I had better eat something at lunch time, I was feeling a little light headed. So I had a BBQ Chicken salad for 5 points.

81111 005

I also had a peach for 0 points.

81111 007

I didn’t eat any snacks on my last break—wasn’t hungry. But about 3:00 I started to get hungry. But I wanted to wait until after my WW meeting to eat.

The WW meeting was very helpful as usual! So glad that I go!

After the meeting, Hubby called to say he couldn’t come home tonight. Sad smile I had a brief moment of of thoughts like, “I want a cheeseburger,” or “I want some chocolate.” But I got back to my senses, knowing that I was just sad. And being sad is no reason to eat junk.

I was planning on stopping at Subway for supper, but I thought for a little while about what sounded good. One thing I learned today was that when I’m truly HUNGRY—I really do crave the healthful foods that I should be eating. And that was amazing to me.

I stopped at the Farmer’s Market and picked up some produce:

81111 011

And then I ran into the grocery store to pick up a few things. Would you believe that what I craved was a can of tuna and an AE Dairy Clementine Greek Yogurt? Maybe I was needing protein now that I think of it. But what healthful cravings!

I wanted to go for a run tonight. I was feeling better, but I knew if I ate supper first, that it would get dark by the time I ate supper and let it settle. So I headed out for my run first thing when I got home. I ran 2 miles straight. Thanks to my allergies, I have to carry Kleenex and blow my nose constantly. Well, I lost my key one of the times I pulled a Kleenex out of my pocket. So when I got home, I had to hop on my bike and go out looking for the key because I couldn’t find our spare key! I ended up biking 1.48 miles too. So I guess it was sort of like an accidental brick workout! I did find my key though. Whew! Overall, I burned 623 calories—which is a lot! I am very proud of my workout today. I really had to push myself to do it.

Can you tell what we talked about at the WW meeting? Here’s my supper:

81111 009

81111 010

That’s right—we talked about the fairly new USDA health guidelines- My Plate, which replaces the old Food Pyramid guidelines. I find this MUCH easier to understand.


So I think I did a pretty good job, huh? Smile This is really good information to keep in mind when planning meals. Did I mention I love my WW meetings? It’s like going to class—but learning about nutritional skills. Seriously, they should have classes like this required in school. I don’t remember learning this kind of information back then! I wonder if I would have made different choices had I had the knowledge? Interesting to think about.

I still have 12 points left. I wouldn’t eat like this everyday, but it felt refreshing. Almost like a cleansing or something. I feel so much better.

I hope that you all got a chance to check out the Weight Watchers Conair Scale giveaway!


  1. Nice brick...I like the idea of accidental workouts!

  2. This was the first blogpost that I've read in a long time - I'm glad it was. Thanks for posting the new government visual aid too! Great job!

  3. Breakfast for me is crucial. If i dont have it I find myself hungry a lot throughout the day.. even after lunch and dinner I get hungry an hour later when I dont have breakfast. Im not sure what it is but like u said.. listening to the body helps!! Hope you find what you need to overcome the emotional eating, its definitely tough but talk urself through it, give urself a time out and think about what it is you really need to prevent indulging.

  4. I read your blog every night, so I feel like your friend who doesn't know you. LOL So here are my thoughts on you. Yes, skipping bfast is bad! My WW leader asks us "how do you know you're hungry?" We all say things like stomach growling, distracted, irritable, etc. But she always adds "and you know you're physically hungry if you haven't eaten in hours... like when you wake up in the morning." Sleeping all night without eating is your body's way of fasting. That's why it's called BREAKfast.. you are breaking a fast by fueling your body. I honestly don't feel very hungry in the mornings either, but I always eat. Usually I eat a combo of protein, fruit, dairy, and carb. I read somewhere once that that is the combo your body needs in the morning, and it really really works for me! I stay full until lunch most days when I have that combo, and I don't even need a snack. I'm good til lunch. I know you think you are listening to your body, but bfast just isn't usually the time to do that. Fuel up! You can read for yourself that skipping bfast ruins your metabolism for the day and also causes extra eating in the evening. Like tonight, you have 12 points left AFTER supper. So you are going to be eating late at night... so in turn you will not be hungry tomorrow morning. It will be an endless cycle. Also, you remind me of me. I love sweets. You usually have at least 2 sweets a day. I realize that WW is flexible and you CAN do that, but does your body NEED 2 sweets a day??? Think about it. And by eating 2 sweets a day, you are creating a craving in yourself that will need to be met every day but that will become less and less satisfiable. Personally for me, eating sweets just creates a desire for more sweets. Then that turns into bad food choices overall. I don't deprive myself, so don't misunderstand me. I use every single daily, weekly, and activity point I have EVERY WEEK and I lose weight. And I do allow myself sweets... just not every single day. Okay, I feel better. ;) So take this right from your nonexistant friend because I promise I mean it right. You did ask, yanno. LOL

  5. Your dinner is so well-balanced! I feel you on the emotional eating--it's hard to overcome that. Sad? Eat! Happy? Eat! It's definitely programmed into me. Way to recognize it and move on though!



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