Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to the Grind

Another weekend gone too fast! But it was a good one! We had a fun ladies outing and I enjoyed spending time with my family.

I did not do the best eating wise this weekend. But I understand that once in a while I will have weekends like this and they’re really not that big of a deal because I know that I don’t eat like that most of the time. I don’t like the way I feel when I do! But it could interfere with me making it into Onederland this week. Sad smile

For breakfast, I had cheerios with milk and pineapple on the side for 6 points.

82911 001

We are so low on groceries right now! I usually get groceries over the weekend but since we were gone I didn’t get that done. But we’ll use what we have until I get groceries later on.

After hubby left for work, I started working on my homework. I got quite a bit done, but I have SO much more to do! I was starting to fall asleep, so I took a quick 10 minute nap and felt refreshed. And then it was time for work.

I sipped on coffee with Almond Joy creamer for 1 point while working.

82911 002

On my first break, I had a piece of toast with peanut butter for 4 points.

82911 003

For lunch, I had coconut shrimp with green beans and a tomato for 5 points.

82911 004

I also had a Fiber One brownie for 2 points.

82911 005

On break, I ate fresh cherries for 0 points.

82911 006

On my break, I was so hungry! I ate a light string cheese and an apple for 1 point.

82911 007

I got off of work about 30 minutes early—which was great! It gave me a little extra time to work on homework.

For supper, I made bean and cheese burritos with zucchini on the side for 8 points.

82911 008

This was a great way to use some things up in the cupboard..but wow, they were spicy!

I also had some I do! I do! Wedding Cake ice cream for 4 points. It’s officially gone. Sad smile

82911 009

I have 1 point left for the day.

Hope your Monday went well!


  1. I can't believe your ice cream lasted so long! Was that all just 1 carton? I made the mistake of buying Mayfield's Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream. I made a vow I would NOT touch it til Wednesday, though. I dented it on Sunday when I was still not in the right mindset. So anyway, kudos on making your ice cream last so long. haha

  2. i saw those fiberone bars at the store, are they good? that one sure looks yummy from the package :)

  3. Love the quick power nap!! Sometimes, you've gotta listen to your body - yay you for doing that! I would love one or SIX of those burritos. They look GREAT. Have a wonderful Tuesday Alissa.

  4. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for that ice cream, and I can't find it. haha - it's probably for the better! :) Nice work for making it last so long. I've been buying the Weight Watchers desserts, and surprisingly, they're SO good. =)



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