Monday, August 15, 2011

A Fun Workout

I was up early this morning with hubby—it’s no longer light outside at 5 AM so it’s hard to wake up!

I hope you had a great weekend! I know I did! Check out my post on our picnic and hike.

For breakfast, I had a bowl of fruit with Fiber One 80 Calorie cereal and milk for 3 points.

81511 001

After hubby left for work, I completed my first part of the I Heart Summer Challenge—10 pushups and 25 sit ups.

I had a few minutes to read a couple of blogs—I really need to try to make time to read blogs more often because I really do get so much help and inspiration from them.

I started off my work day with a fresh hot cup of coffee for 1 point.

81511 002

One thing I love about losing weight is seeing the changes take place in my body. Even when I don’t see the numbers dropping on the scale too quickly, I am still noticing changes in my body and the way I look. I look at pictures of myself and can’t believe it’s me! I was shocked when I saw my face in this one:

HickoryHillsHike 001_thumb[1]

I no longer have a big round ball of a face- there’s some definition there! Open-mouthed smileOh the simple things that make me happy! lol

For my first break, I had a little wrap made up of a wheat tortilla, turkey and a laughing cow cheese wedge for 3 points.

81511 004

I also had a few cucumbers for 0 points.

81511 005

And a peach for 0 points.

81511 006

Waking up earlier in the day makes me more hungry. I have been eating egg beaters for breakfast over the weekend but I ran out of them. They keep me filled up for quite a while.

I know that the info on MyPlate.Gov refers to meals, but I’m trying to keep that in mind at all times. I was still hungry after I ate my wrap, so I thought—I could use a vegetable and/or a fruit to balance out this mini-meal. So that’s what I did!

For lunch, I had a BBQ Pork salad for 6 points.

81511 007

I really am trying to listen to my body and not just eat because it’s a habit. I was craving something sweet but decided to wait until my break and I could have something then if I was still craving it.

So on my break, I was hungry and craving something sweet—so I had a peach and banana smoothie for 1 point.

81511 008

If you notice me eating lots of peaches, it’s because we have a big box of them from Missouri. We only have them for a short period of time and they are delicious and so juicy, so I enjoy them!

I was hungry after I got off of work, so I ate an early supper. Progresso Light Clam Chowder and BLTs (2) for 10 points.

81511 013

81511 011

I finished it up with a serving of I do! I do! Wedding cake ice cream for 4 points.

81511 014

I was so tired after working and I was hoping that eating would help but it didn’t really. I read blogs for a little while to relax a bit.

I didn’t want to, but I knew that if I just got outside and got a little exercising in, I’d feel a lot better. And I did!

I walked to the track, ran up and down the stands for 5 minutes (WOW that is a KILLER workout), ran 1/2 mile and then walked home. Overall distance was 2.41 miles. Workout time was 45:42 and I burned 353 calories! I am proud of that workout and will have to do this again!

I met all of the challenges for the I Heart Summer Challenge: tracking my eats, 10 pushups, 25 sit ups, 1 plate of fruits and veggies, accomplished 45 minutes of 120 minutes of cardio, and did not drink any pop. So day one is off to a great start! I am not on any teams, but if anyone is—let me know which ones!

I have 4 points left for the night—just enough for a little snack this evening, I’m thinking an apple with peanut butter!

Hubby is gone for one more night and hopefully he will be home to stay tomorrow!



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