Friday, August 26, 2011

I <3 Friday…A lot less than Saturday though

Finally Friday!!

For breakfast, I had cheerios with a sliced banana and milk for 4 points.

82611 001

And before I knew it, it was time to sign in for work. I sipped on coffee with Almond Joy Creamer all morning for 1 point.

82611 002

The creamer is made by International Delight and is a limited edition—I don’t know if it’s still in the stores or not?

As you can probably tell from my food choices, I am feeling a lot better. Still not 100%. I feel very full when eating hardly anything. Which really isn’t a bad thing. Winking smileI have heart burn here and there but not like I had it before. I am taking OTC meds, and will continue to do so for another week—so we’ll see how I feel when I’m done taking them. I did get extremely nauseous driving in the car the other day—which is weird for me! But it passed.

On my first break, I ate a light cheese stick for 1 point.

82611 003

For lunch, I made an oven roasted chicken wrap with Swiss and ranch for 8 points. I also had tomatoes on the side.

82611 004

I also ate a Fiber One Brownie for 2 points. And I was stuffed. Didn’t need this!

82611 005

On my last break, I ate an apple for 0 points. I was hungry, can you tell? haha

82611 006

We are leaving for my parent’s tonight so I am going to post early. Hubby is picking up Subway for supper so we can eat in the car. A nice, healthy meal! I have 17 points left for the day, so I am all set. Smile

Looking forward to a family filled weekend! What are your weekend plans?


  1. Nice job today. I just started counting calories with My Fitness Pal. It's tougher than it looks!

  2. i dont know you at all and only recently started reading this blog(love it!) but im going to put it out there, are you pregnant? Bloating, nauseous, heartburn, tired, although you do do alot in a day.....

  3. Great job today. I love WW string cheese! Ugh! I still haven't tried those Fiber One brownies. I'm afraid I will love them so I'm kind of scared to buy them. I will probably end up binging on them like I do a lot of things that I love. LOL

    Thanks for the post :)

  4. Such a good idea, getting a healthy dinner on the way to your parents'. I know hanging out with my family is an exercise in extreme temptation; this seems like a really smart strategy to head that off at the pass!



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