Monday, August 22, 2011

A Long Monday

Monday again! Where did the weekend go?

For breakfast this morning, I had Fiber One 80 Calorie cereal with almond milk and a banana for 3 points.

82211 001

The almond milk certainly isn’t milk! I love milk, but I am trying to follow the Acid Reflux Diet to try to get my heartburn under control, while taking some Prevacid. I am on day 3 of the pills and it says it can take up to 4 days to work. I noticed the day that I followed the plan completely, I felt a lot better. And then yesterday I decided to eat pizza and ice cream and now I’m not feeling so great again. I start to feel sick and a little nauseous for about an hour after eating something. I’m going to give this a few more days and if I don’t feel better I’ll make a trip to the doctor. The good news is that the sore throat went away!

I spent the morning, before work, getting caught up on blogs. If you have a blog that I’m not following—let me know! There are so many out there and I’d love to get to know more of you! Blogging and reading blogs—the support from other bloggers—has been my key to success and I really need to keep up on it! It’s always great to read about the triumphs and struggles of others. By the way, check out Jessica’s blog and give her some support! She’s a busy Mom with three young children and could really use some extra motivation right now as she is trying to get that baby weight off. Smile

And since I didn’t go back to bed—I loaded up on water to hopefully clean my body out!

I sipped on Yerba Mate tea all morning for 0 points.

82211 002

On my first break, I had a piece of toast with peanut butter for 4 points.

82211 003

I love the Kraft Food & Family magazine and I recently got the latest issue in the mail. I tried out a recipe from it, called the Turkey and Apple Wrap, for lunch. And it was SOOO good! I will definitely be making this again. And it was only 5 points using a low carb wheat tortilla. Click on the link to find the recipe!

82211 004

I also had a bag of Pop Chips for 3 points.

82211 008

On my break, I ate pineapple in it’s own juice for 2 points. For some reason, I thought I had heard if it was pineapple in it’s own juice that it was free, but when I looked it up in the tracker it was 2 points?

82211 010

On my last break, I ate cinnamon almonds for 5 points.

82211 011

I worked a long day today! My new school schedule requires I work longer days when I’m not at school and then they asked me to stay later also. I was happy when the work day was over!

For supper, I had roasted zucchini with an Everything Bagel Egg sandwich, sans cheese, along with a bowl of fruit for 6 points.

82211 012

Dessert was Pineapple Angel Food Cake for 2 points. Yes, I am still working on this! It’s in the fridge, so it’s safe and it still tastes good! Winking smile

82211 013

After supper, hubby and I headed out for a walk. We walked 1.74 miles in 32:20. I forgot to turn my heart rate monitor on, so I don’t know how many calories I burned! I was really struggling though—I felt like I had gained 50 lbs. in my mid section or something. But I felt a little bit better by the time we got home, although I still felt a lot of pressure. And it’s not because the plumbing isn’t working if you know what I mean…TMI. lol

I still have 2 points left for the day but I don’t even want to think about putting another bite of food in my mouth. Sick smile

So now we are going to relax a bit before bed time. Overall, it was a good Monday…even though it started out with me spilling blueberries and cherries all over the kitchen floor… But I didn’t let it get to me, which would be very easy to do at 5 AM, but I took a deep breath and tried to turn the day around…seemed to work! Smile


  1. I really hope you feel better soon. Heartburn is THE worst. OMG. I had it so bad when I was pregnant that I thought I was dying. I only get it now when God has nothing better to do. Luckily, He's one busy son of a gun.

  2. Hope the heart burn subsides very soon! I am jealous that your hubby will walk with you in the evenings!

  3. Have you thought about having your Gallbladder looked at? Hope you are feeling better soon!

  4. My family devoured that pineapple angel food cake I made last week!!! Of course, there are 5 of us and only 1 (me) is on a diet, LOL. We all have a sweet tooth, that's for sure! Your meals always look so simple and so delish - make two of each and send half my way.....

  5. I hope you figure out the HB! I know how much that stinks.

  6. I also love your photos. They give me great ideas.

  7. Okay, first have I need to read some back posts to see if you posted a recipe for the pineapple angel food cake. Each time I check in, there it is and it is calling my name!

    I've wanted to try other milks (Almond, Soy, Rice), but I am a big chicken.

    Did you buy the cinnamon almonds or make them yourself? I haven't seen them in the store and they look interesting. As a diabetic, I would like to incorporate more cinnamon daily.

  8. I have been, for the most part, silently reading your blog. I have one too, but you are in no way obligated to read it.

    Anyway, I hope you feel better soon! I don't get heartburn often, but when I do, it's rough. So I hope things get better ASAP!

  9. HI Alissa, hope that pesky heartburn burns itself out and you are back in fighting form soon! Have a good Tuesday!

  10. Thanks for the link to Jessica's blog, I'm also a mom of 3 struggling to get the weight off.

    Feel free to stop by my blog anytime!




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