Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One Poor Choice

For breakfast this morning I had a piece of light toast with peanut butter and a sliced banana along with a glass of milk for 5 points.

83011 001

And then it was time for homework. I sipped on some coffee with Skinny Macchiato White Chocolate Mocha creamer for 1 point.

83011 008

A few hours later, I ate a mini meal of egg beaters with laughing cow cheese and light yogurt with strawberries and blueberries for 3 points.

83011 010

Overall, this morning I spent 3 hours working on homework—with a couple brief Facebook distractions. Winking smileAnd I’m still not done…I’ve found that I have to take advantage of every extra minute that I have or my homework isn’t going to get done.

I was so hungry today. I don’t know why? I ate my “lunch” on the way to school. I made a wrap with chicken salad for 5 points.

83011 003

I also ate a cereal bar for 2 points.

83011 004

That kept me full most of the school day. In my last class, I ate a light cheese stick for 1 point.

83011 006

And by the time class was out, I was soooo hungry!

It was a rainy and dreary day today. Walking in the rain isn’t fun either! I had an umbrella, but I was still soaked and freezing cold! Do not wear flip flops when you have to walk a long way in the pouring rain, FYI!



BRRRR! And so I stopped at a gas station to get something to warm me up. I got a Fat Free Cappuccino and I tried to resist those Peanut Butter Crispy bars, but I couldn’t:


The good news—I ate half of the bar and drank half of the Cappuccino and brought the rest home to hubby. Good thing, because this still cost me 10 points. Sad smile

Hubby made supper tonight—which was SO nice! He made his famous creamed beef over toast—for 8 points. This looks kind of nasty, but it’s really good! lol

83011 012

I also had a side salad with tomato, feta, pecans, ranch and BBQ sauce for 3 points…and it tasted so good that I had another one—so 6 points.

83011 011

I could say that today was a bad day, but really I just made one bad choice. Lesson learned. I also cannot let myself get to the point where I’m so hungry that I’ll eat anything and everything.  Overall, I used 3 weekly points—so it’s not terrible, I suppose.

I have a ton of homework to continue to work on tonight—I have a goal of how many pages I want to read and then I’m going to take a while to relax…and it will feel so good! Plus, it’s pouring rain outside and I’m all comfy in my warm fleece pajamas, so I want to get this homework done so that I can go cuddle with hubby and watch a movie or something…it’s perfect weather for it!


  1. My family had hamburger gravey over toast. I love it. So you had on slip, you still did awesome. Keep it going. I love looking at your food. That salad totally rocked.

    Sounds like school is keeping you busy.

  2. We use to make a creamed beef, but it was dried beef instead of ground beef. Sodium heaven, but tasty!

    It is hard to not go overboard when you get so hungry. I try to go for a pack of nuts at a convenience store.

  3. I had sushi for dinner =/ and and drinking a glass of wine and only had 16 points left and pretty sure this wine is worth 8...

  4. Better than me, my hubby wouldn't have gotten any coffee! ;)

    Dinner looks like one of my old recipes for beef and bacon stroganoff- HORRENDOUS for you! LOL! Glad hubby's was a lot healthier :)

  5. That's really good you quit halfway through your splurge. I am bad to tell myself I will quit... but I don't. If I'm gonna splurge I have to make sure I have enough points to eat the whole stinkin' thing. LOL I rode a water ride the other day at a theme park and had on flip flops. I about didn't make it back to my family. Flip flops are dangerous when you are wet! LOL

  6. It can be so hard to resist those tasty treats! god for you for only having half!

  7. Kudos to you for only having half! You could have totally went for the whole thing and you didn't. And you counted your points!

    PS love your umbrella!! :)



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