Monday, August 1, 2011

A Summer Cold

Another sad morning with hubby leaving. Hopefully he will be home to stay in a couple of weeks!

For breakfast, I had a bowl of cheerios with a sliced banana and milk for 4 points.

8111 003

I came down with a cold or something on Saturday night. I was pretty exhausted this morning, so I went back to sleep for about an hour. Sleep is the best medicine! I woke up feeling more refreshed. One of the many things I love about working at home is that I can get up 15 minutes before I have to work and just sign in.

I sipped on Yerba Mate tea all morning for 0 points.

8111 004

On my first break, I snacked on some fresh cherries for 0 points.

8111 006

I always crave the same thing when I’m not feeling well and today was no exception. I had chicken noodle soup and PB&J for 9 points.

8111 007

I also had a piece of Pineapple Angel Food Cake for 2 points.

8111 009

On my last break, I ate some delicious black grapes for 0 points.

8111 010

I also ate a couple of random snack crackers, I’ll count this as 2 points to be safe.

Once work was finally over, I ate an early supper: BBQ pork salad with feta, pecans and fresh pear tomatoes from the garden and cucumbers for 6 points.

8111 011

8111 012

Speaking of the garden, check out the blackberry that I picked yesterday! They’re HUGE and so sweet and delicious. There was one even bigger than this, but it was covered in spiders when I picked it up. EWWW! That’s a normal sized raspberry next to it.

8111 002

And I finished up my supper with banana soft serve for 0 points.

8111 013

That leaves me with 9 points left for the day. I’m planning on relaxing and watching some Ugly Betty and going to bed early to hopefully feel better tomorrow!


  1. I feel your pain on the summer cold. Mine is slowly taking my voice away from me :( Hope you feel better soon, after reading this I'm now craving a PB& blackberry jam sandwich lol :0)

  2. I'm worried I might be getting a summer cold too. I've been coughing all day. I'm bummed because we leave for vacation on Weds so I am hoping I can kick it. Feel better soon!

  3. John picked up a horrible summer cold as well. Ick!

    Those berries look delicious!

  4. OMG that food looks great. What's up with summer colds. I've had not one, but two colds during the month of July. I was on vacation all last week and caught a cold the second day in. It's still hanging on and tomorrow I am back at work. Bummed am I. I hope your cold leaves much sooner. Those berries look soooo good.

  5. Your Berries look YUM!

    I got the coupon in the mail yesterday!! Thanks so much!

  6. Hi Alissa, summer colds are the WORST!!! Hope it vamooses soon and you feel better!!! Take care

  7. Your berries look AMAZING. I would have run screaming from the spiders. So jealous, too, that your tomatoes are ripe! Mine are still hard little green balls...



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