Friday, September 30, 2011

3 Hot Drinks

First off, The Help was the best movie I have seen in a really long time. I laughed, I cried, I was angry, and I was sad. It speaks to you! You have to love a good movie like that. I usually love movies based on books because they have that literary quality—they have a purpose and you are meant to get something out of it. Loved it. Now I want to read the book and do some research on it!

For breakfast this morning, I had oatmeal with strawberries and a glass of milk for 7 points.

93011 001

Instead of my usual coffee, I drank Trader Joe’s Duchess Grey tea for 0 points.

93011 002

My weight has been EXACTLY the same for days. This happened last week too, although I was exactly a pound lighter. It’s the strangest thing. My weight isn’t moving. Not even an ounce!

On my first break, I ate an apple and peanut butter for 3 points.

93011 003

For lunch, I had a BBQ chicken salad with flax seeds, chickpeas and feta for 7 points. I missed my tomatoes! We are getting really low on groceries right now…It’s kind of an ugly salad without them!

93011 004

I finished it up with a 100 calorie pack of cookies for 3 points.

93011 005

In the afternoon, I sipped on a diet hot cocoa for 1 point.

93011 006

On my last break, I ate a plum for 0 points.

93011 007

I REALLY needed my caffeine fix at this point. I was having a hard time thinking and talking straight. So I heated up some coffee with a little creamer for 1 point.

93011 008

Yes. Count it. That’s my third hot drink of the day. SmileTea, hot cocoa, and coffee. It was COLD in the house today!

I was jealous because hubby got home 2 hours before I got off work. No fun! But I got off of work 30 minutes early—so that helped!

For supper, I made cheese ravioli with vodka sauce, garlic bread and green beans for 12 points.

93011 009

I had a half serving of the sauce and the ravioli because I needed to keep my points down. It was a struggle because I really wanted to eat more, but honestly—didn’t need it. I filled up on green beans and I am full. It was SOOO delicious though!

I finished it up with FF/SF vanilla pudding and topped it with sprinkles for aesthetics. Winking smile 2 points.

93011 011

Since hubby and I had our date night last night we are going to stay home tonight and I am so looking forward to that! A quiet night at home sounds just perfect. I plan on finishing the assembly of my table that I started yesterday. I am proud of myself for doing this because usually hubby does it. But I’m all about girls being capable and not playing that dumb “I’m too girly for that” game. Girl power!! lol. I’m all about being girly, but I’m all about being smart, capable and able to do just about anything a man can do too! I even had hubby teach me how to change a tire…lol I’ve never had to do it, but I want to know how in case I have to!! How about you?

We also plan on going for a walk tonight. Looking forward to that too!

Tomorrow, my assignment is to sit down and write about my struggles. Honestly and openly. I think it will help me to confront the issue head on. Be honest with myself. I’m hoping I can get something out of this. So stay tuned for that tomorrow!

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  1. It's not cold here yet, but I've been wanting oatmeal and hot drinks more, too! How do you make your BBQ chicken, btw? I've found so many recipes to do it in the crockpot but figured you had a lower point recipe :)

    Quiet nights at home are great sometimes!



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