Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This morning was one of those mornings I wished I had gotten all of my homework done over the weekend so I could just stay in bed today…but no such luck!

For breakfast, I had light toast with PB and a sliced banana along with a glass of milk for 5 points.

92711 001

And then it was time to work on homework. I sipped on a Pumpkin Spice latte for 1 point.

92711 002

This is actually just Godiva Pumpkin Spice coffee with a little Pumpkin Spice creamer—so maybe not an official “latte” but it’s delicious!

I worked on homework for a couple of hours and then took a quick break to do a 10 Minute Solution Six Pack Ab Attack workout. I burned 41 calories. I figure if I try to fit in a little activity when I can, it will all add up. I should have been doing homework…but I needed a break!

I ate my super early lunch before leaving for school. I had a chicken wrap with laughing cow, ranch and lettuce for 5 points.

92711 007

I also had a serving of FF/SF chocolate pudding with Cool Whip Free for 2 points.

92711 008

And then it was off to school. I dread school and then when I am done with class, I am glad I went! So far this semester I have gotten all A’s on every test, quiz, and paper. So far so good! At this point, I feel like my education has all started to come together. I am seriously considering graduate school but will have to take a semester off because we booked a cruise at the beginning of next semester! That will give me some time to think about it.

In one of my classes, we learned how to make animated videos—which was so fun and cool. I’m liking that class a lot. It’s right up my alley. Electronic literature. Combining writing and technology—two things I love!!

Before my second class, I ate a Fiber Chewy Bar for 2 points.

92711 006

After school, I headed over to the cute little market that I discovered makes and sells natural peanut butter. I bought another package of it. This time they were selling Honey Roasted Peanut Butter and I tasted a little and it’s DELISH!

And it happens to be right around the corner from the Cupcakery…so I had to stop there of course. I’ve been wanting to try their cake balls, so I bought a package. I ate the chocolate one only (it was quite a struggle not to eat them both, but if I am going to indulge, I have to do so and stay in control) for an estimate for 4 points.

92711 009

Not worth 4 points! I wasn’t all that impressed, actually. Their cupcakes are much more worth it! Although the white one is Strawberry Shortcake and I bet that tastes pretty good!

And then I headed home! I was actually very hungry. I ate carrots for 0 points.

92711 005

I also ate an apple for 0 points.

92711 003

And a light cheese stick for 1 point.

92711 004

I sat down at my computer for a couple of minutes and received an email alerting me Penny from Daily Mile had sent me motivation. It was just what I needed to get me outside to get some activity in. I walked 1.87 miles in 33 minutes, which is actually a much faster pace than usual for me! I burned 224 calories. I really want to get back in to running but I find that when I can’t talk myself in to a run, I can always talk myself into going for a walk. I enjoy walking. It’s a de-stressor for me.

But mostly I didn’t run today because I’ve been having this dull pain in my lower right abdomen and I’m really not sure what it is so I’m trying to be somewhat careful until I go to the doctor next week for an appointment and I’ll mention it to her and see what she thinks. It has been going on for quite a while, I remember noticing it first back when I had the heartburn issue. Hopefully it’s nothing, which I’m sure it isn’t!

For supper, I had eggs, a waffle with SF syrup, turkey sausage and a bowl of fruit for 10 points.

92711 010


After relaxing a bit, hubby and I cleaned the house. It took 1 hour and 20 minutes and I burned 400 calories—that’s a good workout! That’s a total of 665 calories burned today—nice!

Tomorrow is weigh in day. Fingers crossed.


  1. I dont comment all the time but I read your blog pretty much every single day! You are such an inspiration to me!! Thank you for blogging and good luck on the weigh in!!!

  2. Cake balls, eh? Those look really pretty. Too bad the taste doesn't match up :(

  3. Weigh on tomorrow for me too!

    ? Are you wearing a heart rate monitor is that how you are coming up with your numbers?

  4. Hi Alissa, don't you HATE it when your planned treats turn out NOT to be worth the points. Booo! Good luck at weigh in!!! Fingers crossed for you!

  5. I had a pain like that once and turned out I had a cyst on one of my ovaries.




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