Friday, September 16, 2011

Finally Friday

Hubby had today off of work so I got to sleep in until 6 AM! It was so nice.

For breakfast, I had light toast with PB and a sliced banana and a glass of milk for 5 points.

91611 001

This morning I tried the Godiva Caramel Pecan Bark coffee—it was SO good! Loved it! 1 point.


On my first break, I had Special K crackers and Laughing Cow cheese wedge for 4 points.

91611 002

For lunch, I had a BBQ chicken sandwich with Swiss and a side of green beans for 8 points.

91611 003

I also had a 100 calorie pack of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for 3 points.

91611 004

I was so hungry on my last break but didn’t want to use any points so I ate an apple for 0 points.

91611 005

And a small banana for 0 points.


Today was SUCH a long day at work! It makes it harder when hubby is home relaxing and I have to work!

I have 12 points left for the day and 42 weekly points left. Hubby and I are going out for supper tonight and will run a few errands. It’ll be a late night, so I’m signing out now!

Have a great weekend! Smile

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