Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Government Noticed I’ve Lost Weight

5 AM came way too early this morning—I’ll be looking forward to sleeping in this next weekend!

For breakfast, I had light toast with PB and a sliced banana along with a glass of milk for 5 points.

92011 001

I sipped on some coffee with creamer while working on homework for 1 point.

92011 002

I took a break a few hours later and ate some Egg Beaters with Laughing Cow Cheese for 2 points.

92011 009

On my way to school, I ate a sandwich for 5 points.

92011 004

Baby carrots for 0 points.

92011 007

And a 100 calorie pack of cookies for 3 points.

92011 005

My second class was canceled today, so I had some extra time to work on homework—which was nice! I got a lot done. While doing that, I ate an Aldi’s Fiber One type bar for 2 points.


My last class went quickly, thankfully!

In the car, I ate an apple for 0 points.

92011 008

And a light cheese stick for 1 point.

92011 006

And then I had to renew my driver’s license. It was pretty painless—you never know what to expect going into the DMV. The employee commented that I had lost a lot of weight! My drivers license before said I weighed 250 lbs., little did she know that I actually weighed about 288 lbs. but I lied before. lol. So that was a good feeling. I guess the government noticed I lost weight. Winking smileTurns out that my eyes have declined in the past 5 years though! I didn’t want to be restricted to wearing my glasses, so for the eye test, I didn’t wear them and I read all the letters and thought, “Hey I did awesome!” and then she’s like…there’s another box of letters there. Whoops. Totally couldn’t even SEE the box out of my right eye. So I squinted and kind of read it with my other eye. Have no fear. I always wear my glasses when I drive. lol.

After that I ran to GNC to pick up some vitamins. This time I spent a little more money and got vitamins formulated for women for myself and vitamins for men for hubby. I think the vitamins I’ve been taking have been making me sick to my stomach—so we will find out!! What kind of daily vitamin do you take?

I was so hungry, and I’ve found that drinking diet soda helps me from eating everything in sight. So I stopped and got a diet coke for 0 points.


And it helped! Smile

For supper, I made a seafood dinner. Mussels, tilapia, shrimp, along with a garlic herb biscuit and a side salad with light ranch for 11 points.

92011 010

This was an absolutely delicious and satisfying supper. It felt like we were dining out when in actuality I was cleaning out the freezer! Winking smile

I finished it up with vanilla ice cream with chocolate and caramel for 5 points.

92011 011

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. But we’re another day closer to the weekend!!


  1. sounds like a great day! you are doing sooo good!! I take one source vitamins from walmart, they are cheap and they are wonderful!! I can usually tell when i take them i get energy!

  2. quesion for you: when you are tracking your activity points, how do you do so? I have a HR monitor and I know exactly how many calories I have burned but I'm not sure how to translate that into points.

    Also, did you notice a difference in losing when you switched to points plus?

  3. You are getting really good at figuring out how to eat with your crazy school schedule! Great job! Looks like a yummy day, IMO. :) I don't know how to link to other websites, but I gave you credit for your heated up Fiber One brownie idea. It was *so* good. Thanks! I just love blogs. I love getting different ideas from different people. :)

  4. Your food always looks so yummy :P
    & I just want to say "THANKS" for replying with the advice you gave.
    I have to say it's probably the best advice anyone has shared. I too like to just give up when I slip & then I just never start back.
    So yeah if I can find my WW book & refresh my memory this weekend I really want to start back (no $ for the meetings or online stuff right now)
    Thanks again :)

  5. It's always good when people recognise we've lost weight and for something like it being on a driving license is a great compliment. You must be feeling wonderful for it. Well done. x

  6. It's always good when people recognise we've lost weight and for something like it being on a driving license is a great compliment. You must be feeling wonderful for it. Well done. x

  7. How nice to get the compliments from the DMV! Your seafood dinner does look like a meal out, not a freezer clean-out dinner!!!

  8. How great is that??? LOVE that the DMV person noticed your weight loss. That had to feel good. Hope the rest of your Wednesday is good too!



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