Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hawkeye Game and Celebrity Sighting

Today hubby and I attended our first Hawkeye game ever. The Hawkeyes are a big deal in Iowa. I have never seen so many fans with so much team spirit—it turned out to be an awesome game!

Hubby actually won these tickets through work and they included a pass for a free meal before the game. What a great deal! Kind of funny that he won these because I had JUST surprised him with tickets to another game next month as an early anniversary present—so I guess we’ll get in two games this year! Open-mouthed smile

Here are a few pictures!

HawkeyeGame9-17 002

HawkeyeGame9-17 004


HawkeyeGame9-17 007

Warming up:

HawkeyeGame9-17 008

HawkeyeGame9-17 016


HawkeyeGame9-17 013

Hubby and I before the game—it was amazing how fast the stadium filled up later on—you can see all of the gold shirts in the later photos:

HawkeyeGame9-17 017

HawkeyeGame9-17 019

HawkeyeGame9-17 022

HawkeyeGame9-17 028

HawkeyeGame9-17 029

And wouldn’t ya know Ashton Kutcher was at the game!! That was the most exciting part of the first half. Winking smile He’s from Iowa—very cool! He’s the guy with the long air and arms crossed. Smile

HawkeyeGame9-17 031

HawkeyeGame9-17 030

HawkeyeGame9-17 035

HawkeyeGame9-17 037

HawkeyeGame9-17 038

HawkeyeGame9-17 039

The game was absolutely crazy. The score was 3 Hawkeyes 24 Pitt in the last 3 minutes of the 3rd quarter and all of the sudden the Hawkeyes turned it around and by the end of the game, the Hawkeyes won 31 to 27. It was quite the game!!

HawkeyeGame9-17 043

Go Hawks!!


  1. To me there is nothing better the college football! I graduated from Alabama, and college football is almost like a way of life for us. ROLL TIDE!!! Glad you guys had fun.

  2. Hi Alissa, oh so fun. That is a WHOLE lotta yellow!!! Where is Ashton's yellow shirt? :) Guess what??? The laces arrived on Friday!!! Wooo!!! Can't wait to put them on my runners and send a photo. Thanks again so much! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  3. Go Hawks!! One of my friends got to meet Ashton at the game, I was jealous!



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