Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hungry Day

Thank you to those of you who gave such great advice to my cholesterol question. I appreciate it!

Yesterday was a super busy day. It was also weigh in day. I gained 1 lb. Sad smile That’s no fun at all. I’m starting to get frustrated with myself—but that’s a post all of it’s own, which I think I should probably explore sometime soon to try to get to the bottom of this. I have established that I am VERY GOOD at maintaining… but that’s not the goal right now!

For breakfast this morning, I had cheerios with a banana and milk for 4 points.

92911 001

I decided to do my homework in my warm bed. The house is so cold but we have a heater in the bedroom. I read about 10 pages and fell asleep—but only for about 15 minutes. But I made myself an iced coffee for 1 point and that helped a lot. My birthday roses are still pretty! For some reason, that light pink color reminds me of my Grandma and it makes me a little sad.

92911 002

I also ate a Fiber One bar that my sister sent me for 4 points.

92911 003

Doing homework in a warm bed probably isn’t the best idea. I could barely stay awake—but I got a lot done!

I ate a super early lunch of a sandwich made with light bread, swiss and turkey—heated up in the microwave—for 5 points.

92911 008

I got ready to leave and just as I was heading out the door I got an email saying my first class was canceled. SAVED! We had a quiz scheduled for today that I wasn’t in the least bit prepared for and it’s postponed until Tuesday. Yay! So I stayed home a little while longer and worked on more homework.

And since I had already made a smoothie for the road, I drank that while doing my homework. It was a triple berry smoothie: strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. I also added 1/2 scoop of Jillian Michaels’ vanilla protein powder for a total of 2 points.

92911 010

It’s been a long time since I made a smoothie! I need to get some spinach and start making green smoothies again. Yummy!

I don’t know what was with me today. I woke up not feeling hungry at all, so I ate a light breakfast. And then a couple of hours after breakfast I just got SOOO hungry! Which explains why I ate so much in the morning! I also ate a piece of light toast with peanut butter and a sliced banana for 4 points.

92911 011

All of this before 11:00! My day starts at 5 A.M…but still! I was way more hungry than usual for some reason!

My two classes went fine today. They were over in no time!

After class, I went to Target to look for a new small table for my office. I found the perfect one.

On my way home, I ate animal crackers for 3 points.

92911 007

And carrot sticks for 0 points.

92911 005

It was SOOO windy today! I felt like I was going to blow away walking to and from class. When I got home, I arrived to my flower pots strewn all over the lawn. These pots didn’t even move an inch when we had 150 mph winds this past summer! Kind of funny how that works! haha

I was pretty excited to get our my new pink tool set from hubby and put together my new table. hehe

This is as far as I got before hubby called to say he was on his way home:

92911 012

But I’m getting there and am off to go finish putting it together right now! Smile

Tonight, Hubby and I are going out for dinner and to see The Help which I’ve been wanting to see!

Have a good one!


  1. I'm so sorry you had a gain. It happens to the best of us. I kwym about getting frustrated. For some reason this week I just want to eat junk and throw my hands up. It's stupid, too, because I did finally make it to onderland, but now I feel like I am never gonna get below 197s! This is just such hard work... a battle. And I know it's worth fighting, but I guess every soldier gets weary. Keep fighting your fight, and I'll keep fighting mine! I enjoy your blog, and thanks for popping in to mine from time to time. I had a hungry day today, too! It's frustrating!

  2. (how was the movie??)

    It's amazing how little things like color or scent can remind me of people Ive lost.

    Amazing sad and treasured.



  3. That's the hard part as you get closer to goal. Your body starts to lose weight slower because it doesn't burn through food as fast (because it is smaller and losing weight slows down your metabolism) and you also have much less leeway in terms of "splurges" or snacking and still being in enough of a deficit to lose.



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