Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kitchen Tool Recommendation—Tools for Weight Loss

I recently purchased a small cookie scoop from Pampered Chef. I had never used a cookie scoop previously. I would use a spoon or an ice cream scoop to make cookies and as you can imagine, my cookies were all different sizes and shapes! This cookie scoop is amazing! I purposely bought the small scoop so that I could make small cookies that would fewer Points Plus values.

This scoop eliminated the mess of making cookies and also made my cookies perfectly round.

Now I can enjoy a small cookie for fewer points value!

I am sure you can buy different brands of small cookie scoops, but if you want to see the one that I bought, you can find it here.

This is purely my own opinion and I just wanted to share a great kitchen tool find! Smile


  1. I have never used a cookie scoop either :)

  2. We have a couple different size scoops. I use one for muffin batter and the small one for cookies. I saw Alton Brown do this and thought it was genious

  3. I have this cookie scoop and I love it! I have the medium one, but I plan to eventually get the small one and the large one as well. I never make cookies without it :)

  4. I also have a cookie scoop & LOVE IT! I also use it for meat balls, peanut butter balls....there are lots of uses for sure.

  5. I used to sell Pampered Chef, so I own this as well as all the cookware and all the stoneware and just about everything they sell! I really love their products. Only problem is, I got all my stuff for free by earning it... so now I'm too spoiled to want to actually PAY for any of their items. LOL I love the quality, though!

  6. Love mine! Also use it to scoop out melon!



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