Friday, September 9, 2011

A Long, Long Friday

It’s finally Friday!!

I feel like I did pretty well last night eating at the in-law's. I tried to eat smaller servings of everything but didn’t restrict myself on the foods that I wanted to eat. When it came dessert time, they served apple and cherry pie with vanilla ice cream, and I am not a big fan of either type of pie—and for the first time, instead of just eating it anyways, I told her I would just have the ice cream only if that was ok. I was also pretty happy when I found out it was the Lite ice cream!! I ended up using 6 weekly points total—so not too bad!

As of this morning, I lost all of the weight that I gained and hit a new low!! I hope I can keep this off for weigh in day on Wednesday! I am closer than ever to Onederland!

For breakfast this morning, I had Cheerios with blueberries and milk for 4 points.

9911 001

And I sipped on an Almond Joy iced latte while working for 1 point.

9911 002

For my first break, I ate a peach along with a light string cheese for 1 point.

9911 003

For lunch, I had a BBQ chicken salad with Schwan’s teriyaki chicken, feta, pecans, tomatoes, BBQ and a little ranch for 8 points.

9911 004

Can you tell I really like this salad? I eat it all the time! lol

And then I had a Fiber One brownie for 2 points.

9911 005

On my break, I had a big chocolate craving. I’ve been craving real chocolate ever since a girl next to me in class pulled out a king size Hershey bar and I had to smell it’s deliciousness all class period. So I settled on a Diet Cocoa for 1 point.

9911 006


And on my last break a few hours later, I had 1/2 serving of Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies for 2 points.

9911 007

Today was the longest day ever at work! It just passed SO SLOWLY. I was happy when hubby suggested we go to Subway for supper so I didn’t have to cook! What a sweetie! Everyone knows those are the words a girl likes to hear after a long week!

I ordered a 6” Oven Roasted Chicken Breast sub with baked BBQ Lay’s for 12 points.


And then we tried out a new local ice cream shop. It’s the old fashioned scoop ice cream—Blue Bunny (an Iowa made ice cream) and delicious! A very nice little place. I wanted a single scoop in a dish, trying to go low points, and the man really loaded up that single serving cup! I probably got a cup of ice cream! Definitely not a single scoop—but totally delicious! I ordered the Monster Cookie ice cream—10 points for a cup.


More points than I would have wanted to use, but it’s ok because I have the points for it and I enjoyed it. Next time, I’ll just tell them to give me about 1/2 cup…I don’t think that’d be a problem because I’d still pay the same amount.

Anyone have any fun plans for the weekend? Hubby and I are taking a short road trip early tomorrow morning for a Craig’s List purchase he made. And then he has to work for part of the afternoon. Sad smile But that’s ok because I have a TON of homework to do and I won’t be distracted and wanting to hang out with him instead.

And now it’s time to relax! Have a good weekend! Smile


  1. I hate when I'm not in control of my portions! But then again, you got to eat all that ice cream that you wouldn't have scooped for yourself. haha I didn't know Blue Bunny was made in Iowa. :) I just bought my daughter the Blue Bunny Birthday Cake ice cream for her bday coming up this week. We've never tried that flavor before. :) You did great at your in-laws IMO! yay!

  2. Mm I love Blue Bunny ice cream! I had no idea it was from Iowa. Congratulations on losing the weight that you had gained! Onederland is in reach!!



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