Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Day off…Sort of!

I took the day off of work to write papers for school. What a great way to use vacation time, right? haha

I got to sleep a little later today, so that was worth it! I spent some time reading for school and then I got up to head down stairs for weigh in.

I weighed in at 203 lbs., which is a .5 gain for the week. I am ok with that. With my eating Sunday through Tuesday, I’m lucky that’s all it was. I am proud of myself for getting in 5 workouts last week. I ran 3 times (6.43 miles total), one short walk (1.11 miles) and did Jillian Michaels’ Yoga meltdown-level 1. That’s the first time in a long time that I have met my workout goal of working out at least 5 days a week and I plan to keep this up!

For breakfast, I had Cheerios with a sliced banana and milk for 4 points.

101911 001

And then I got right to work on my Midterm Essay #1. It took me about 3 hours to complete. I sipped on coffee with creamer while working for 1 point.

101911 003

I do a lot of reading for school, but I still like to read something of my choosing. So everyday at lunch (or breakfast…basically when I eat alone) I read a book. And I don’t get a lot of pages read, but eventually I finish the book! I recently finished Half Assed By Jennette Fulda, who used to be a weight loss blogger and is now of a different genre, if you will. It is a very good book and I could relate in so many ways with her experience. She was the first weight loss  blogger I ever found. Check it out! I just started reading Master Your Metabolism by Jillian Michaels. So far so good!

101911 002

For lunch, I had a tuna sandwich with tomato and lettuce along with baked BBQ chips for 7 points.

101911 004

I made a smoothie with blueberries, raspberries and peaches along with light yogurt and 1 Tbs. of milled flax seeds for 3 points.

101911 005

And then I started on Midterm Essay #2. That essay took me 2 hours and by the time I was done—I’d had enough of paper writing!

After that, I hopped on the treadmill. I walked .25 to both warm up and cool down. I ran 1 mile in 11:55 and total workout time was 21:52 for 1.5 miles. It’s hard to get started on that treadmill again—especially for long distances! I’m just starting out with short distances for a while. I burned 233 calories. How do you keep entertained on the treadmill? I listen to my iPod and read a magazine the best that I can. I’d love more ideas though!

After that, I decided since my heart rate was already high, I might as well use that to get in another good calorie burn. I did level two of Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown. It took about 29 minutes and I burned 186 calories. Who knew that Yoga would feel SO good after a run? I felt amazing. That’s 419 calories burned today and almost an hour workout. SmileI wish I had a little extra time everyday to do workouts like this one!

For supper, I had a stuffed clam, coconut shrimp, roasted potatoes and a side salad with tomatoes, feta, BBQ sauce and a little ranch for 10 points.

101911 006

That’s the last of the stuffed clams and the coconut shrimp—I hope they’re not seasonal at Aldi’s!

For dessert, I had No Sugar Added Blue Bunny—Bunny Tracks for 4 points.

101911 007

I thought by buying the No Sugar Added that it would help with the points, but it’s just as high as the regular ice cream. Anyone have any recommendations for low point ice cream?

It’s funny because on days when I can follow my own schedule, I just don’t snack. I think it’s getting up 2.5 hours later than normal, there’s no need for a snack between breakfast and lunch. And it’s also probably due to the fact that I have no outside stressors to mess with my emotions to make me eat emotionally. Sigh…if only I could just quit my job. lol

I used 1 weekly point today, but I earned quite a few Activity Points! Smile

Today was a productive day but all I can do is look ahead to all that I have to get done in the next week!

*Deep Breath* It’ll be ok. Winking smile


  1. Have you tried a frozen banana or frozen grapes in place of the ice cream?

  2. You're amazing only having one serving of ice cream. I have to either keep it out of the house or have individual portions like Skinny Cow or WW ice cream. I usually have frozen grapes in my freezer too.

  3. I just love reading your blog! I read it every morning while eating my breakfast ;) I didn't know there was a no sugar added bunny tracks, all I can find is 1/2 the fat bunny tracks. I LOVE ice cream. I eat a bowl every night! :) I am absolutely in love with the 1/2 fat 'light' Super Fudge Brownie:) I used to eat the Fat Free Sugar Free Brownie Sundae, maybe give that a try?

  4. Deep breath indeed! It will be ok, and ALL your hard work at school, at work and on your healthy living journey will be (actually already is) sooooo worth it!! Take care!!!

  5. One thing I have always said I wont give up is ice cream! I ate it every single night for a year and still managed to lose more then 40 pounds.I say 40 but that is when I started blogging. I actually lost 50. So I never skimp on good ice cream. I seem to enjoy it more and eat less than if I were to eat low calorie stuff I dont like.Because it does not curve my craving for the good stuff! So I stick with full fat and have less. If that makes sence? But it's knowing that you must have a 1/2 cup and not a HUGE bowl!

  6. I like to watch shows on netflix on my iphone or ipod touch or ipad whatever you have that makes the time go faster



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