Saturday, October 29, 2011

Harvest Time

Remember when hubby and I planted our garden?
52311 016
Well, we ended up harvesting quite a bit. Just enough for the two of us.
We had quite a few salads made with the lettuce from our garden:
52311 017
Even enjoyed some sweet and juicy strawberries:
Garden 003
We had more raspberries than ever this year, which our nephew also enjoyed eating right off the bush over the 4th of July:
62811 011
4thofJuly 028
The blackberries were the biggest I have ever seen!
8111 002
HickoryHillsHike 030
We didn’t get as many tomatoes this year because our plant was slightly damaged in our wind storm. But we got a few!
71911 010
We also had quite a few wax beans but I didn’t get a picture of those.
But we finally harvested the last of the garden produce this afternoon. Green onions and carrots:
FallGarden 001
Take a look at those carrots! They are as big as potatoes! Here is a picture showing them compared to a baby carrot:
FallGarden 002
It’s always rewarding to grow our own produce. It saves money and it’s fun to watch everything grow. We have stew in our future to use up those carrots! Smile


  1. Hi Alissa. LOVE harvest time, and the carrots are very impressive. Hope the week ahead is good!!!

  2. I too, am impressed! I started my own garden this year too - 5 tomatoes! LOL.
    Love reading your blog each day. You've inspired me. If you get a chance, stop by my blog one day.

  3. I love the look of those blackberries. Unfortunately the ones in the hedgerows behind my house have come to nothing this year due to the weird nature of a hot spring, damp summer and a very warm autumn.

  4. o wow those look gr8! i have always wanted to try to grow a garden!! maybe next year

  5. There's nothing like harvesting from your own garden! Yum, looks good! : )



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