Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Monday

The problem with living for the weekend is that the weekend only lasts 2 days and the rest of the week lasts 5 days. If only it could be the other way around!

I had a nice and relaxing weekend. I got a lot of homework done. It was a quiet weekend at home for the most part.

How was your weekend?

It was so hard waking up this morning! I was dreaming that I was on vacation with my Mom, Dad and younger brother like the good ol’ days. We were in Ireland (I studied Irish history all day yesterday lol), but it looked more Branson, Missouri-ish. haha. My Mom was driving too fast through the ocean in our minivan. I saw Killer Whales and Sharks. It was quite interesting. I was saddened by the sound of the alarm clock. lol What a strange dream!

For breakfast, I had Cheerios with a sliced banana and milk for 4 points.

101011 001

After hubby left, I went right back to bed. Believe me, you’d have thought I had woken up on the wrong side of bed today. Poor hubby. Winking smile

The nice thing about working from home was that I slept until 10 minutes before I had to sign in and work—nice!

I sipped on decaf coffee with SF Peppermint Mocha creamer for 1 point. Delish!

101011 002

I am trying decaf coffee this week to see if it helps my BP. My Dad said that regular coffee makes his BP go up. I missed the buzz though! Sad smile

On my first break, I ate 1/2 serving of natural almonds for 2 points.

101011 003

For lunch, I had a tuna sandwich with lettuce and tomato along with baked BBQ chips for 7 points.

101011 004

I finished it up with my very last Fiber One brownie for 2 points.

101011 006

On my last break, I ate an apple with PB for 3 points.

101011 007

And a bag of Pirate’s Booty for 2 points.

101011 009

I picked this stuff up the other day and had never eaten it before—SO good! And not too bad health wise either!

Supper tonight will be grilled pork chips, squash, green beans and FF cottage cheese. Yummy!

And then I have to fast because I have a blood test tomorrow…bleh! I’ll survive, I’m sure. Winking smile

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