Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Down Another Size

I woke up this morning still relaxed from the Candlelight Yoga. I will definitely be doing that again. So impressed.

For breakfast, I ate a slice of Earth Grains toast with PB and a sliced banana along with a chicken sausage link and a glass of milk for 8 points.

111511 001

I spent a little time planning out the next couple of weeks. This week is pretty easy going since it’s the last week before Thanksgiving break. I didn’t meet my goal of finishing all of this week’s homework over the weekend because my professor emailed MORE reading. But I did get today’s homework done over the weekend. Instead, hubby and I had the entire day on Saturday together shopping, dining out and just enjoying the day. It was perfect. No regrets.

After seeing what I need to accomplish, I got started on Thursday’s homework. While reading, I sipped on coffee with Coffee Mate’s Natural Bliss Vanilla creamer for 1 point.

111511 002

I really liked the taste of the vanilla flavor.

After working on homework for quite a while, I hopped on the treadmill to complete my 5th workout this week (5 workouts and 2 rest days is my goal)! Yay! I also always aim for 3 runs a week, and this was my third run! Another week conquered in the workout department. Open-mouthed smile I did my usual workout, 1.5 miles total—.5 warm up and cool down and 1 mile run straight. I ran my mile in 10:45!! That’s my fastest mile since I started this speed work (by 3 seconds). I finished the workout in 20:45 and burned 396 calories.

After my workout, I made a green smoothie with light vanilla yogurt, 1 cup spinach, 1 orange, 1 Tbs. milled flax seed, and 1 packet of Vi-Shape protein powder for 4 points.

111511 003

I also ate egg beaters with a slice of Canadian bacon and a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese for 2 points.

111511 007

On my way to class, I ate baby carrots for 0 points.

111511 009

Today was one of my hungry days. I kept it under control though. So hopefully that means I’ll have a loss on the scale tomorrow!

Before my second class, I ate dry roasted peanuts for 2 points.

111511 004

We watched films in two of my classes, so it was a pretty easy going day.

I stopped at the store to pick up a new skirt on my way home. I bought a size 15/16!! I’ve been wearing 18’s. So that was pretty awesome. Let’s remember that I started out wearing 24/26!

On my way home, I ate a WW cheese stick for 2 points.

111511 006

For supper, I made Tilapia, which I topped with a little wheat bran and spices, along with perfect roasted potatoes and steamed broccoli for 7 points.

111511 010

I finished it up with Cook n Serve vanilla pudding for 2 points, which is lumpy because I burned it. Whoops!

111511 011

That leaves me with 4 points left for the day. A good day! Open-mouthed smile

I am crossing my fingers, toes and eyes for my weigh in tomorrow! This morning I was SO close to Onederland, but I don’t want to get my hopes too high. I’ll be happy with any loss at all!

Today’s review and giveaway are for Grandma Dee’s Granola—FABULOUS stuff! Check it out!

11411 008


  1. Congrats on the new size! I just ordered a pair of jeans in a size 12 and I started in an 18. I am excited :)

    Good luck with the workout goals! I find that if I have a goal I push myself to work harder and farther.

  2. congrats on the new size -- how awesome!

  3. Nice day. Congrats on going down a size. BTW--I got my boots today. They're awesome. You are a good saleswoman, haha.

  4. A new size is AWESOME!!! Way to go, girl! You just seem so much more full force the past couple weeks. I'm so proud for you! Best of luck tomorrow on the scale. You are doing great with your workouts, too!

  5. Yay for the new size! You did great controlling your food intake and ate so healthy!!

  6. Congrats on going down another size! That always makes all the hard work feel so worth it!

  7. congrats on going down another size! WOOHOO :) That's always an awesome feeling!

    Mmmm that granola sounds delicious :)

  8. Congrats on dropping a size and good luck with your weigh in!!!!!




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