Thursday, November 3, 2011

If Only I Were More Laid Back…

I actually had the majority of my homework done yesterday, but I still decided to get up bright and early this morning to get started on next week’s homework. Sleeping in would have been nice though! Oh why, oh why, so I have to be so responsible? Winking smile

For breakfast, I had PB/Banana toast and milk for 5 points.

11311 001

While working on homework, I sipped on some Orange flavored coffee with FF vanilla creamer for 1 point.

11311 002

I worked on homework and planned out the rest of my semester. It’s hard to believe there are only 5 more weeks of classes before finals week! Once I wrote down what I had to accomplish, I felt my stress levels go down. I am all about being organized, making lists, schedules and plans. It really helps with the stress and I need to start doing it more often.

After a good couple of hours on homework, I hit the treadmill. I did my usual treadmill workout. I walked .25 to both warm up and cool down and ran 1 mile straight in 11:08!!! That is HUGE for me! I really pushed myself! Open-mouthed smileMy max heart rate was 182! That’s working hard! Total workout time was 21:08 and I burned 323 calories.

After the workout, I made a green smoothie out of: 1 cup spinach, 1 orange, 1/3 cup light vanilla yogurt, 1 tbs. milled flax, and 1/2 scoop of Jillian Michaels vanilla protein powder. I also had 1/2 cup of Cheerios for a total of 4 points.

11311 005

I forgot how delicious those green smoothies with oranges are. YUM!

On my way to class, I ate 1/2 oz. of dry roasted peanuts for 2 points.

11311 006

I love my first class. I am taking the History of Ireland and it’s so interesting. I have an Irish heritage so that makes it all the more interesting to me.

Before my second class I ate a Fiber One Calorie chewy bar for 2 points.

11311 007

My second and third classes went quickly. I have to create a project using Adobe Dream Weaver and I’m just frustrated because I really don’t know how it works. Any of you use it? So I’m trying to learn but also stressed because I have to have this project done in a few weeks and I can only work at it at school because it’s an expensive program. It’s just frustrating because it’s so difficult to use. I don’t understand the basics of what I’m doing.

On my drive home, I ate a WW string cheese for 1 point.

11311 004

And an apple for 0 points.

11311 003

I felt like I had to go out of my comfort zone a few times today at school and that’s just stressful for me. I am exhausted. I have a headache. Here I go again with the stress! I think I create it for myself. Why can’t I just be a more laid back person? lol

Hubby pulled in the garage right when I got home from school! I was so happy to see him home early! We decided we’d go out for supper tonight and just take a little break. I’m so looking forward to it. SmileI have 17 points left, so it’s the perfect night for dining out.

We now have 20 participants in the Thankful Healthy Blogger 5k!!! Last year we had 20 people who signed up and participated—along with 5 extras family members that participated with you!! We are doing FABULOUS!!! Thanks to everyone who has signed up! I KNOW we can double that number and get to 50 participants—that’s the goal!! Help me make this happen! Tell you blogger buddies, your friends, your neighbors, the cashier at the grocery store! Winking smile Spread the word! Remember, you can walk, run, elliptical, skip, or cartwheel your 5k. It’s really up to you!


  1. We use dreamweaver here where I work. Well, I should say they use it because my job doesn't require me to be in it too much. Hope you figure it out. And, you will be so glad your homework is done early by the time next week rolls around. I coulda done mine early last week but now it's Thursday and I'm forcing myself to do it today b/c it's due Tuesday.

  2. I remember a co-worker taking Dreamweaver classes for $400 about 10 years ago. I didn't think it was something you could just pick up and run with but I'm not good at those things.

    I hope you figure it out. Some people learn things like that from books but I'm more of a "monkey see, monkey do" kind of learner.

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  4. My friend is an avid reader of your blog. She told me to come check it out. I'm so impressed by your dedication to stick with it and discipline to photograph and post everything! Your weight loss has been awesome.

    I'm a nutritionist and I work with many client who get about halfway to goal and seem to plateau. I've gone through some of your post and I think the trouble may be what you're eating. I think weight watchers is a great program, but all calories and points are not created equally. Even if you stayed within points, your diet seems heavy on processed food, sugar, carbs and just junk in general. One day you had a brownie with caramel drizzle, then apples with caramel and then a banana and you were still hungry. That's because it's all sugar and you're burning it. Because you're athletic, I think you'd benefit greatly from added just a little more protein in your diet.

    I had a saying with my clients "what got you here won't get you there" meaning, you've been successful but you're going to have to find another gear to get to where you're going.

    I know the catch 22 is that the diet has to be something you can sustain over a lifetime and a lifetime of deprivation doesn't work. You've got the right attitude, the stamina and all the things it takes to win. I just think you have to look really closely at your diet. Maybe even consult with a nutritionist if your insurance covers it.

    Good luck!

    Kristen Meredith



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