Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Joining the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge!

For breakfast this morning, I ate a slice of light toast with PB and a sliced banana along with 2 slices of Canadian bacon and a glass of milk for 6 points.

11811 001

I have been making hubby the same thing for breakfast that I’m eating and this morning he said, “Why are we eating like this?” lol. Because we need to eat more protein at breakfast! But he enjoys the new food at breakfast because it’s tasty! The Canadian bacon that I picked up this time is thicker and a serving is 3 slices. 3 slices have 10g of protein! That’s pretty good! But I also found it’s the same amount of points if you eat 2 or 3 slices—only 1 point!

While working on homework, I sipped on a new coffee I picked up:

11811 002

It was very different. You could definitely taste the Apple Cider. It was spicy and pretty delicious. 1 point.

11811 003

I got all of my homework done for today and then started on Thursday’s homework. I felt like I got a lot done!

And since I got so much done, I hopped on the treadmill for a workout. Today, I found that I can run, while just slightly challenged, at 5.5 mph. So that will be my new speed. I am comfortable at 5 mph, so I think if I run a little faster that will help challenge my body. I walked .25 to both warm up and cool down. I ran most of my mile at 5.5 mph and then I upped it to 6 mph a few times. I ran a mile in 10:48!! Hmmm… think I could do a mile in 10 minutes? Something to work for! Total workout time was 20:48 for 1.5 miles. I burned 310 calories.

I have signed up for the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge. It runs from November 19th through January 6th. Our cruise is shortly after that! I’m hoping this will help keep me on track so that I am quite a few lbs. lighter for the cruise!

Be sure to check it out!!

After my workout, I ate my “brunch.” I ate a goldfish sandwich thin with egg beaters, cheese and the 3rd slice of Canadian bacon for 5 points.

11811 007

On my way to class, I snacked on baby carrots for 0 points.

11811 008

My classes went fine today. I got one of my midterms back and got an A on it—so that made me happy!

I have this fear of talking in class. And not just talking in front of the class in a speech type way, but just talking in class period. As in, entering in to the discussions, etc. I get all flustered and sound like an idiot. It’s so stressful for me. I try to appear like I’m calm but inside I am all nervous when I even have to answer a question in class. Ugh! Why am I like this and how did I get like that? But it’s something I have to face, so when I HAVE to talk, I muster up my courage and do my best. Isn’t that the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard of? lol. I shouldn’t get so nervous…! I told Loren about having to talk today and he goes, “I’m sure you were fine. You have no problems chattering at home!” haha. So true. Winking smile

Before my second class, I ate 1/2 oz. of dry roasted peanuts for 2 points.

11811 004

On my way home, I ate a WW cheese stick for 1 point.

11811 006

And an apple for 0 points.

11811 005

I was so hungry when I got home. I was the kind of hungry where I felt like I could eat anything. So I was a little worried! I texted hubby to find out what time he would be home and was so happy when he called to say he was almost home! Whew! So I cooked supper right away.

I made Sahi fish fillets that I got fresh out of the deli. I topped them with garlic pepper seasoning. I also made roasted potatoes for a total of 7 points.

11811 010

We really liked this fish. Never heard of it before, but it’s delish! I also couldn’t find the points for it, so I counted it as Tilapia.

I also had a side salad with lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, tomatoes, onions, and an egg white—topped with the last of the pear vinaigrette for 1 point.

11811 009

For dessert, I made Cook n Serve Tapioca for 2 points.

11811 011

I meant to make more potatoes and I thought that the fish was going to be more points, so I am ending up with 7 points left for the day! Whew! I guess I can have a snack later on. We ate supper SUPER early, so I might need one.

Tomorrow is weigh in day, can’t wait to see the results!

Also, I have been unable to add an image to my sidebar! I keep getting an error that there is an internal error and I don’t know how to fix it. Anyone else have this problem?


  1. OOH, I've never heard of Sahi fish. Looks delicious!!!! I really think Dennis and I should eat more fish...but don't seem to get to it. All the best for your Tuesday.

  2. No clue about the sidebar. Saved by the hubby being home - whew! LOL. Hope the scale is nice to you tomorrow. Congrats on your A! Way to go. Your husband's comment sounds like something mine would say. haha

  3. Great job - I bet that weigh in will go great! I don't know much about blogger, or I would try to help you with the image problem!

  4. Great job on your mile time!!! 5.5 is my fastest!!!I want to get to 6 but I always think I am going to fall :)



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