Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wide Calf Boots

I am 26 years old and for the first time in my life I get to wear boots that come up just below my knees. I LOVE cute clothes and accessories. It has always been so disappointing to try on a regular pair of boots in the store only to find I could only zip them up about 3 inches above my ankle. After 80 some lbs. lost, there’s no improvement. My calves are still too big for regular boots. But since I can wear much cuter clothes and shop in stores that sell regular sized clothes, I decided that I wanted some cute boots to go with my cute new clothes! I decided to try out the wide calf boots.

Anyone else have the wide calf problem? Well, I want to share a couple pairs of great boots with you!

I found the best deals at And I’m just going to alert you that if you are shopping anywhere online, before making your purchase, Google coupon codes for wherever you are shopping. I found a coupon code that gave me 50%!!

The first pair of boots is my favorite. They are made by Comfortview and seriously are super comfy. They don’t look like they are wide calf boots at all:

Plus Size Wide Calf Stretch Boot image

They look stylish with a shorter skirt. I love these.

The second pair I got are also made by Comfortview and are also super comfy. These are really cute, but I feel like you can sort of see that they are wide calf, but you’d really have to be looking for it:

I am comfortable wearing both and have so many cute outfit choices because of these!

Hopefully my calves get smaller one of these days, but in the mean time, I can still wear cute boots!


  1. Cute! I love both pairs of boots.

  2. It's not even girls with wide calves... designers just don't make boots for women with REAL calves! I tried on a pair that was just fabulous, but I could not shimmy them up my leg to save my life. Even the sales girl that was helping me agreed that they make the calves too small... when will they learn?!

  3. Try Aerosoles. We sell several boots that have a 2nd zipper for wider calves. Unfortunately, the wide for us does NOT mean it is a wider calf...but that 2nd zipper really does do the trick in most cases (I will admit that at times I've seen customers that still can't fit it...but it's still worth a try!)

  4. I've never been able to do boots, either! I will have to try again with a wide calf pair. I absolutely love the 2nd pair. I love the gathers or whatever you would call it. Both are awesome! Thanks for the potato recipe. :)

  5. I have calf problems too! I get really disappointed in shoe stores because nothing ever fits. I also have a size 11 foot which a lot of stores don't even carry past size 10 :( I will have to check these boots out. Skinny Emmie's blgo had a post about boots a fwe weeks ago too!

  6. In today's world its very easy to get wide or super wide calf boots , people with wider calf now can get the privilege to wear boots...
    And its nice to read that you wore the boots after so many years for the first time and you liked it...



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