Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Décor and Last Final DONE!

I just wanted to share a picture of hubby from his birthday last night. Smile He was surprised with all of the decorating I did and I know it made him feel special. Mission accomplished!

121511 001

So handsome! SmileAnd why didn’t I think to close my messy cupboard in the background. Doh! lol

And now for a little honesty. Hubby got home very late last night. But I wanted to wait for him to eat supper because it was his birthday after all. I did really well at first. I had a couple of healthy, simply filling snacks like a clementine and FF lunch meat. And then I just got so hungry I started raiding the cupboards. The good news is that we don’t keep too many “snack” foods in the house. But I did find myself eating out of a Pirate’s Booty bag… And then I felt terrible. So I decided to change my tracking over to the counting points method and realized that I was doing better than I thought for the day. So I changed it to tracking for yesterday and plan to do the same today. I feel out of control. My weight is forever climbing. It’s not the Simply Filling plan that’s not working—it’s ME. And right now, I need a little more leeway in what I’m eating, especially with life’s celebrations as of late and those to come this week! I need to do something I’m comfortable with and I’ve been tracking points for years. I plan on doing Simply Filling again when my life calms down again, probably after Saturday! But this is how the new WW plan works, you can switch plans everyday if you want to. So I’m still on track! And I talked to the supportive people on the SFT message board on Facebook, and they all agreed that sometimes life requires you to count points instead, and that’s perfectly ok. Thanks to everyone on that board for being SO helpful!

I just don’t know why losing weight has to be such a struggle. Why is it so hard for me to just control myself?! I get so frustrated with myself sometimes.

And after eating supper so late last night, I wasn’t very hungry this morning. So I ate toast with PB and a sliced banana and a glass of 1% milk (I meant to buy skim yesterday and realized when I got home I bought 1% out of habit)—6 points.

121511 003

And then it was time to get to studying. I had my only traditional test today, the rest were papers and essays to be done at home.

While studying, I sipped on coffee with FF creamer for 1 point.

121511 004

I spent a couple of hours studying and creating study guides for myself. One thing about having an actual test is that it’s easy to get very anxious about it. I was stressing!

I ate a snack of 2 clementines and 1/2 serving of cinnamon almonds for 2 points.

121511 005

I have to admit, it’s kind of nice to be able to eat almonds without using weekly points. Winking smile

My pictures are a lot more fun when I have a tablecloth…lol.

It’s always nice to sell my books back at the end of the semester. Yay! Nice to have a little extra cash.

I was literally stomach growing hungry and I wasn’t about to be embarrassed about my stomach growling loudly in a silent room during my final. lol. So I picked up a cheese stick in the union for 2 points. It worked! No stomach growling. Winking smile


My final went just fine. I feel like I at least got an A or a B. I was so excited when I was finally done!! That's it! NO MORE FINALS!!

I had to run a few errands. I picked up a McDonald’s SF FF Vanilla Cappuccino for 2 points. Thanks to my employer for the gift card for Christmas!


I picked up Subway for lunch. I haven’t had Subway in a long time. DELISH! Instead of chips, I was enticed by broccoli cheese soup. 12 points. It was a cold and windy day today and it hit the spot!

121511 006

And then it was time to clean the house! My Mom, and possibly my Dad, are coming tomorrow night! YAY!! So excited.

The house is nice and festive!

121511 007

121511 008

I got these very cool “smart candles” at Younkers. I love candles, but in the past few years I just can’t burn them or I am coughing like crazy. But these are flameless and they flicker and everything. Very cool!

121511 011

121511 013

In the background, you can see the poem I made for hubby for our anniversary. I don’t know if I ever mentioned it on here. But I made a poem in the shape of a “K”, for our last name, and thought about our first 5 years together and there are a million words and phrases that describe our first give years, the things we did, etc. He really liked it! Smile

121511 012

My best friend in elementary school gave this to me in 6th grade—and I still have it! Smile

121511 015

Tonight, I am getting together with work friends for a little holiday party. I have 7 daily points and numerous weekly points left. It just so happens to be in the same town where my Grandpa is living in assisted living. So I’m going to stop by and see him. I bought him burnt peanuts, his favorite candy!

And I’m pretty excited because now I can just unwind and relax. Finals are over and graduation is coming up!! Oh, and I emailed the Grad School organizer to get some info…so we’ll see where I go after this! Smile

Oh and I thought this was really cool. It was an ad in our local paper:


Thanks, FTC! Smile


  1. Your decorations look great! Happy Belated Birthday to your hubby!

  2. Aw your hubby is a lucky guy! Happy belated to him. Love the FTC 'ad.' It's kind of brilliant, really!

  3. You said: "stomach growing hungry"
    You left out the L and I couldn't help but laugh. Stomach growing hungry has ALWAYS been my problem! Hehehe. ;) Well... Tis the season. Ugh. So glad your hubby's bday went well! House looks nice, too. Too funny about the mess cupboard, but we all have one of those. lol

  4. MESSY cupboard.... I guess that's what I get for seeing your typo, huh? LOL

  5. wow.. looks fantastic. Your husband sure is special!! :)
    Good luck.. and keep at it, I'm sure you'll lose some more weight!
    I've just started blogging and my weight loss story begins!

  6. Hi Alissa, BIG yay for that FINAL final!!! Big yay. Your hubby is a lucky guy, love the creativity of the K poem!!! Try not to beat yourself up ok? You have come so far and continue to inspire many many people (me included) with your success, your honesty and your wonderful blog. Have a great Saturday. Sending hugs across the miles to you. PS: LOVE LOVE LOVE the decorations!!!! (and our cupboards look very much like yours! :) )

  7. Love the decorations! Yay for being one step closer to graduation and losing weight is going to be a struggle for me for the rest of my life, I will win though!!!




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