Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nasoya Tofu Products Review and Giveaway

I’ve cooked tofu in the past, but we don’t eat it regularly. The reason we don’t eat it regularly is because I don’t really know how to cook it. Last time I cooked tofu, it turned into a runny mess. So I was intrigued when Nasoya contacted me and told me about Nasoya Tofu U. Nasoya Tofu U is a fabulous website with recipes, videos on how to prepare tofu, and much more! Not to mention, there’s an App for it!

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I learned a lot about how to prepare tofu by watching the videos on their site.

I chose a recipe and decided to give it a try! I made Baked Tofu Nuggets. I used the super firm cubed tofu, so that took some of the preparation out of the picture.

12311 001

It looks like this:

12311 005

Tofu is a Power Food on the new Simply Filling plan for WW. So this turned out to be a very low point meal!

I used the handy App on my Smart Phone in the kitchen as I prepared the meal—SO handy!

12311 009

And this is what they looked like when they were finished:

12311 012

It looks like a bowl of croutons, huh? lol But they actually turned out! No soggy mess for me this time since I learned how to prepare the tofu correctly. The most important step is draining and soaking the juice out of the tofu.

The result? I’m going to be honest, I didn’t really like the taste of these. They tasted to fiber-y to me because of the wheat germ. Next time, I would add more seasonings. I had to laugh because hubby LOVED these. He actually said, “I LOVE TOFU!” while we were eating. Not what I expected out of him. And I happened to drop a couple on the floor by accident and that cat loved it too…so maybe it was just me. Winking smile

The second product I tried were the Nasoya Won Ton wraps. Now these I LOVED. I cooked a recipe for Mexi-Licious Pot Stickers, out of the Hungry Girl cook book that my Mom sent me yesterday and they turned out FABULOUS!

12311 006

They would be the perfect little appetizer, although we ate them as a meal.

12311 008

12311 007

After we were done eating these, hubby asked me if I cooked the whole box. These were so good he thought there was no way I made them! He thought they were out of a box! HA! I guess that’s a good thing! hehe

Nasoya also sent me an adorable t-shirt!

The Front:

12311 013

The Back:

12311 014

You have a chance to win this t-shirt along with coupons for free Nasoya products too!

How can you win? Please leave a separate comment for each entry:

  1. Take the Tofu U Pledge. You will receive emails with coupons and recipes after taking the pledge! Go here and click the red button towards the bottom of the page.
  2. Like Nasoya on Facebook.
  3. Follow Nasoya on Twitter.
  4. Visit the recipe section and tell me what recipe you’d most like to try.
  5. Be a follower of this blog.
  6. Tweet about this giveaway linking back to this post and mentioned @Nasoya and @AJourneyToThin

The giveaway will end at 5 Central on December 10th and the winner will be chosen via a random number generator. Nasoya will ship the prizes directly to the winner. Good luck!


  1. I put tofu in breakfast burritos once and the hubs thought it was egg! hehe!

  2. I would like to make the asian bbq chicken dumplings

  3. I follow your blog. There's my entry! Ha. :)

  4. Wait, 2 entries - I'd like to try the Breakfast Burritos.

  5. The recipe for Tahini-Garlic Tofu spread is perfect for my big veggie sandwiches...thanks!

  6. I'd love to use the recipes for dumplings - they have a chicken and a crab one , and both look great!

  7. HI Alissa, omg, I laughed out loud at your cat eating tofu. So funny. Hope you've had a great weekend.



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