Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend on Simply Filling

So far I am loving the Simply Filling plan! I feel like I am paying attention to my hunger signals and eating when I'm hungry versus trying to use up points. It has been such a relief not having to be so obsessive about counting points. I'm making healthier choices because of it. Not only that, but I find myself chosing different foods and we all know it helps to switch things up. I hope my weight loss will be just as impressive! I have lost weight both days since following this plan... so I am keeping my hopes up. I reealllllly hope this works! I'm afraid to get too excited based on how I've done in the past but I have not heard one negative review of the core plan. :) Staying positive... what's the worst that could happen? Gain a few lbs... been there. Done that. Keeping my fingers crossed!! Anyone else that switched plans... how's it going for you so far?


  1. My sister-in-law regularly rotates back and forth between tracking points and eating only the filling foods. She waits till she either finds herself in a food slump or when she is not losing weight like she wants to and then switches.

  2. Glad you are really into it so far! I will have to check it out for future reference. I've never done anything but count points, so it seems scary and foreign to me. :/

  3. I really hope SF works for you! I loved the Core plan.

  4. Hi Alissa. Sure sounds like the simply filling switch has been a good thing for you. Look forward to hearing how WI goes this week. Have a good one!!

  5. Aloha Alissa, Found your blog via a follower on twitter.. Love your blog & I would love to support your journey to keep striving & staying fit for life.

    Looking forward to reading some more of your post on your blog throughout the week. You are inspiring girl..Keep u the amazing work! You have a new fan & follower =)




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