Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Weigh in Day

This morning I weighed 201.3 for a loss of 1.4 lbs. this week! I was really hoping to have a huge loss and make it to Onederland, but 1.4 is a good loss for me! That’s 86.7 lbs. down. That’s good for my first week on Simply Filling. I’m hoping this continues to work and I can lose weight consistently again!

Today was also my first weigh in of the month, which I track here, at the tab under my header. I lost 3.1 lbs. this month! I’m happy with that.

I have been amazed at all of the people who are posting about how the Points Plus program wasn’t really working for them. They are saying the same things that I have found over the past year—they’d have a big loss followed by small gains. That was my entire year on Points Plus.

For breakfast this morning, I ate an egg, 1 chicken sausage link, 1/2 cup oatmeal, a banana and a glass of FF milk.

12711 001

Someone made a point on the WW message boards that these points aren’t FREE, they’re power foods to be eaten until satisfaction. I think that’s an important thing to remember. So far, I have been eating until satisfaction and not just because I can. I think it’s more like intuitive eating. So, if something I’m eating equals 0 points, I’m not going to post the points values—only if it costs me something.

I had plans to run this morning, but I woke up with a headache and wasn’t really feeling my best. So I declared it a rest day.

While working, I sipped on coffee with FF creamer.

12711 002

On my first break, I wasn’t hungry. That’s what a good, filling breakfast will do for ya! So I listened to my body and didn’t eat anything.

For lunch, I ate a salad with lettuce, tomato, FF cheese, chicken, peach salsa and FF sour cream.

12711 003

I finished it up with an orange.

12711 004

I am still struggling with wanting something sweet after lunch. I’m trying to choose fruit as a better option.

On my last break, I was getting hungry. I ate FF turkey with FF cheese, heated in the microwave.

12711 005

I also ate canned pineapple, unsweetened.

12711 008

I also made a chai latte with skim milk, to sip on for the afternoon.

12711 007

It was a struggle not to use any points this afternoon. I was wanting an apple and peanut butter, but decided that a little more protein might help fill me up better.  I am trying to save as many weekly points as I can for this weekend because I have to attend a potluck and I’m not so sure how that will go and what will be served. I need to bring a dish, any ideas?

For supper, I had a lean turkey burger on a light wheat bun with light miracle whip, ketchup, FF cheese, lettuce and tomato, along with onions and mushrooms cooked in a little low sodium soy sauce, and a baked potato with FF sour cream.

12711 009

Such a deliciously healthy meal.

I ate my yogurt for dessert. Tonight I had Pineapple Upside Down Cake—SO good. I loved this one.

12711 010

I love to see my tracker all filled up with the little green triangles for Power Foods. Funny thing is, today I have 49 weekly points again and I COULD use them, but I am satisfied and filled so I really don’t feel the need to use them. That’s something new for me! I struggled in the afternoon, but came up with a snack that I didn’t have to use them. Tonight, I will be eating my Healthy Pop popcorn. I don’t think I’ll need to use any weekly points today at all! I think it’s probably best to save them for weekends anyways when we are dining out or when I want to eat something TRULY satisfying to me—like a cupcake from this amazing cupcakery in my area. THAT would be worth it.

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is my very last day of class! Would you believe I have a presentation? My very last day of college classes, in my very last class, I have a presentation—the thing I hate the most! The one thing that I have spent hours dreading and stressing out over for the past 6 years it has taken me to finish school. Yep! lol I’m hoping it will be no big deal and over quickly. Fingers crossed! I’ll try to stay positive instead of dreading it… Winking smile


  1. Great job this week on the loss and using your points wisely! I'm bad about wasting points on something I really want that's high in points and then having to use weekly points later.

    Hooray for your last day of class ever! So exciting!

  2. I am glad to see all that protein for breakfast! It really can make a huge difference in satiety.

    For pot luck meals, you could do a nice turkey or chicken chili. You can control what goes in so you know the points and fill up on that!

  3. So happy for you that you had a good loss! I'm glad the SF is working so well for you. Looks like you are doing a great job of learning to listen to your body. I think you should take something to eat and then the pumpkin bars for a dessert so you'll know there's something sweet you can have without worrying! :)

  4. Good work with the weight loss. It's not easy and you are getting SO close now. Keep it up x

  5. Great loss!!! I'm glad SF is working for you!!

  6. Way to go Alissa. Simply filling is going really, really well for you. YAY!!!!! Have a great Thurs.



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