Sunday, January 15, 2012

2011 Training Report

I log most of my workouts on Daily Mile. It’s a great way for me track my workouts and there’s something rewarding about entering in the workout stats after my workout. I encourage you to check out the site! You will love it.

They sent me my year end report for workouts and it was fun to look at it and see how I did.
Here are my stats:

Workouts: 226
Lbs. Burned: 17
Distance: 406 mi.
Per Week: 7 mi.

That’s a lot of workouts! I am sure there are many people out there who performed MUCH better than me, but looking at my stats, I am proud of what I DID accomplish! That means, on average, I worked out most days of the year. And 406 miles is a long way!

The chart also shows how many miles I accomplished each month, which was interesting.


It looks like May was my best month! I also worked out the most during the summer months. I guess when the weather is nice, it’s easier to get out there and be active! Which is probably why I traveled so many miles in May—finally spring time!!

My goal this year is to go farther than last year! I know I can do it!


  1. I love seeing the whole year of workouts on Daily Mile - it's such an accomplishment!

  2. What a great site! Thanks for sharing! How fun to see the whole year in review, great stats.

  3. I recommend you to do one longer training per week. This longer training (90-120 minutes) will improve your fat metabolism and therefore it will help you to burn more fat. I wrote a short post about that Why you should do long training to boost your weight loss?.

  4. Goodness! You did a great job last year. I love, love, LOVE DailyMile. There are many times, though, that I forget to log in my workouts. I'm trying to prevent that this year by immediately logging them in as soon as I complete a workout.


  5. Great job in 2011! I'm using Daily Mile this year for the first time and I really like it so far.

  6. Great job!!! It is very inspirational seeing how hard you work.



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