Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Guest Post by Cortney: Try New Things

Hi A Journey to Thin readers! My name is Cortney and I blog at Nerd on the Run. I am SOOOOO excited to be guest posting for Alissa today for at least two reasons. 1. This is my first guest post ever and I thank her for giving me the opportunity. 2. Today is my 28th birthday!!!! From reading Alissa’s blog we are on the Journey to Thin with her, at least I am, but I wanted to share with you a little about EXERCISE.

If you go to my blog, you can see that I enjoy running and have also been on my own ‘Journey to Thin.’ I started back in 2009 with the idea that I wanted to be healthier and not like this anymore.

I started going to the gym more often than never I had been going. I started on the elliptical machine because I had partially torn an ACL in my right knee in high school and was always afraid that running would hurt it. I worked up enough that I felt comfortable on the elliptical and could go pretty fast for about an hour. I got up the nerve to try out the treadmill. At first, I was very afraid that I was going to be whipped off the thing.

I gradually worked my way on the treadmill by increasing time and speed, very gradually. I got up the gumption to sign up for a March 5K race on campus and was bit by the outdoor running bug. I spent most of that summer running around my college town and all of the trails that are in the area.

My first Half Marathon in Akron, OH 9-26-11

While I enjoyed running outside, I wanted to work on other areas of my body and signed up for some classes that the Rec Center offered. I signed up for BOSU Abs Blast (Tues./ Thurs.) and a Sunday BOSU Core class. I learned that I really enjoyed these classes and found that they helped with my running also.

Most recently, I have tried TRX and Gravity Pilates classes. Starting this week, I will be doing my BOSU Abs Blast (Tues./Thurs.) and a new to me class, Tabata Core on Saturday mornings. I’m super excited to try this class and see what Tabata training is all about.

I think my take away message of this post is to work slowly to improve your fitness to try and avoid injuries and always be willing to try something new. I am by no means an expert in the field. These are just what I have learned from my experiences. TRX is very hard for me and I hate doing it when I’m there but I always feel like $1 million when I’m done.

I’d like to thank Alissa for this opportunity to guest post on her blog and wish all of her readers a healthy and happy Journey to Thin!

What classes have you tried? Did you like all of them or learned what you do and don’t like?


  1. Great post :). I am hopeing to be a runner (again) after two knee surgeries. It is a slow process since I don't want to reinjure my it.
    BTW, I have a daughter named Cortney who spells it like you do (obviously).

  2. I have found that I LOVE zumba!!!!!! Could quickly become addicted! :)


  3. I love zumba class, I considered getting the DVD's and then realised I would miss going to the actual classes!

    Abs class makes me feel like I've worked really hard :D

  4. The perfect combination of abdominal exercise to get the results we desire. We buy ab exercise equipment and accessories and try just about everything we can think of to work these stubborn muscles.



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